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ANP Health Services: Your Gateway to Nursing Opportunities in the United States

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Title: ANP Health Services: Fulfill Your American Dream with a Nursing Career

Subtitle: Colombian-based company helps healthcare professionals transition to the United States

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The United States has become one of the most sought-after destinations for Latin Americans in recent years, offering abundant job and academic opportunities. In this regard, ANP Health Services has emerged as a renowned facilitator, connecting professionals in the field of nursing with their dreams of working in the United States.

ANP Health Services, a Colombian-based company, prides itself on being a catalyst for Latin American healthcare professionals looking to make a complete turn in their lives by improving their professional, personal, and family life. With over a decade of experience in validating nursing credentials, ANP Health Services offers a global service that emphasizes experience, honesty, transparency, and an excellent reputation.

According to the company, their service assists candidates in processing the Green Card (permanent residence) without the need for an initial visa. This allows nursing professionals, and their families, to commence the process of working in the United States, regardless of their English proficiency.

ANP Health Services has expanded its network of opportunities by establishing an alliance with the Public Employment Agency of the Seine. This collaboration aims to provide Latin American nurses with access to new job announcements in the North American nation. In fact, the company recently announced the availability of approximately 100 vacancies for professional nurses, with a requirement of just six months of experience.

The company clarifies that the selection process, including the final decision to hire, lies solely with the employer. However, ANP Health Services ensures a thorough verification process, which includes profile verification, interviews, and technical tests, to increase the likelihood of success for candidates.

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Interested individuals can visit the official website of ANP Health Services to request personalized advice and explore the numerous job opportunities on offer. The vacancies are spread across various regions within the United States, with assignments based on the specific needs of each location.

Candidates applying for positions with ANP Health Services must meet certain requirements, such as registered nurse education, a minimum of six months of hospital or clinical experience, and intermediate English language skills. The company currently offers a work schedule of 36 hours per week, divided into three days per week with 12-hour shifts.

For those harboring dreams of working in the United States and pursuing a career in nursing, ANP Health Services offers a valuable opportunity to take the first step. With their dedicated assistance and established network, ANP Health Services aims to bridge the gap and guide Latin American healthcare professionals towards fulfilling their American dreams.

To apply for available positions through the Seine or to seek personalized advice, interested individuals are encouraged to visit the official ANP Health Services website.

In conclusion, ANP Health Services offers Latin American nurses the opportunity to establish themselves in the United States, opening doors to a brighter future and helping them embark on a fulfilling and prosperous career in nursing.

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