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Anti-fraud education activities held in Guangzhou to raise residents’ awareness of fraud prevention_Telecom

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Original title: Anti-fraud education activities held in Guangzhou to raise residents’ awareness of fraud prevention

“Ping An Guardian Enters the Community” Financial Security and Anti-fraud Propaganda Campaign Started Photographed by Cai Minjie

China News Service, Guangdong News, November 24th (Cai Minjie) “Most people think that telecommunications network fraud is very far away from them.” “You don’t feel pain if you don’t cut your own flesh.” “Everyone may encounter telecommunications fraud. “….” . In order to increase residents’ safety awareness of preventing financial fraud, telecom fraud and other new types of fraud, maintain social security and stability, and build a harmonious community, the Guangdong Economic Science and Education Channel and the Guangdong Branch of China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd. were recently held in Guangzhou. “Ping An Guardian Enters the Community” financial security and anti-fraud publicity campaign.

The event site attracted nearly 300 citizens to stop and participate. The organizer disseminates the most common and up-to-date financial security and telecommunication network fraud cases to citizens through promotional videos, case sharing, and interactive Q&A with prizes, conducts anti-fraud education activities, popularizes financial security knowledge, and promotes national anti-fraud Fraud APP.

At the same time, this event also focused on the protection of financial consumer rights and anti-fraud and other related knowledge, and invited the police officer of the Anti-fraud Center of Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Gu Fangnan, and Zhang Bing, senior business manager of Ping An Life’s Guangdong branch to give a lecture to carry out financial risk prevention. The popularization of knowledge on control, rights protection, and prevention of telecommunications and network fraud will enhance citizens’ financial literacy. In addition to the dazzling array of publicity materials, various professional companies have also brought a number of public welfare services such as financial knowledge popularization, senior accident insurance service consultation, and first aid knowledge popularization in response to the needs of the elderly.

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According to the organizer, in the future, the Ping An Guardian team will continue to go deep into towns and streets, enterprises, shops, and homes, and introduce common telecom fraud patterns in detail through “one-on-one” presentations for the general public, so that the public can understand and remember. , To “don’t listen, don’t believe, don’t transfer”, keep the money bag. (over)Return to Sohu to see more


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