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Antioquia: 18 people arrested for illegal mining

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Antioquia: 18 people arrested for illegal mining

What was found in the operation?

In the area, a mining production unit and three excavators were found, which have been seized, and the detainees, who according to the Army belong to the organized criminal group La Torre and El Pinal, have been brought before the courts.

The summary of the operation, according to Major Bonilla, has been “Eighteen flagrante captures, the disabling of three backhoes, the detection of an illegal mine.”

According to military sources, these mining activities have affected 49,500 cubic meters of soil, which will take more than 30 years to recover, as well as the illicit economies of this group worth more than 900 million pesos (almost 200,000 dollars). ).

The Colombian Government has launched a campaign against illegal mining and the illegal extraction of minerals, with operations like the current one, within the Ayacucho Plan, to stop this economic activity from which many areas of the country live, but which is also deeply contaminating rivers and the environment and from which many armed groups benefit.

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