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At the weekend it can crash again in parts of Carinthia

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At the weekend it can crash again in parts of Carinthia

And every day the groundhog says hello… There is a constant low in the south, a constant high in the north and a constant mishmash in Carinthia. “We meteorologists speak of a swamp,” says Nikolas Zimmermann from the Ubimet weather service and explains: “We have low pressure differences and hardly any wind. Due to the heat, the moisture boils up every day and discharges itself because there is no wind that could transport the moisture away .”

On Thursday had such a storm Floods in Neuhaus and Lavamünd as a result. And occasional large amounts of rain. “In Rosenbach, the wettest weather station in Carinthia, it was 42 liters per square meter within 24 hours,” says Zimmermann. Luise Schwarz from Blaindorf, municipality of Feistritztal sent us a video (see below).

With muggy and warm temperatures of up to 27 degrees, local storms were to be feared again today, Friday, in the course of the afternoon. But until the early evening, no fire brigade operations were known. Thunderstorms are also possible on Saturday and Sunday.

No stabilization

Some stabilization is in sight for Monday, but thunderstorms cannot be ruled out in Upper Carinthia, according to the meteorologist. Warm thunderstorms are expected in the mountains on Tuesday. “There is no trace of stable summer weather, we have a more tropical weather character with steamy air, which is always good for large amounts of rain,” Zimmermann does not see any high point in Carinthia in the next week either.

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