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Beijingers are really scared!The hospital is full and the street is still quieter than when it was closed (Video) | Let go | Beijing | Infected cases | Hospital |

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Beijingers are really scared!The hospital is full and the street is still quieter than when it was closed (Video) | Let go | Beijing | Infected cases | Hospital |

[Voice of Hope December 11, 2022](comprehensive report by our reporter Fu Ming)After the prevention and control of the CCP virus epidemic was fully liberalized, the number of infection cases in Beijing surged, and all hospitals were overwhelmed, resulting in a serious medical run. However, the streets of Beijing were extremely deserted, with few pedestrians and even few vehicles on the road, which was even quieter than during the lockdown period.

Netizens familiar with the matter revealed that the number of people infected with the CCP virus in Beijing is currently tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands every day. In the next month, most people in Beijing may be infected:

It is reported that in Shilipu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, the entire community staff were infected by the CCP virus and became positive.

Now Beijing residents are afraid, anxious and angry, saying that the common people are like headless chickens, bumping around indiscriminately:

“How serious Beijing is is not the main issue. The key question is, is it fully prepared for a major outbreak? Now ordinary people are like headless flies buying medicines here and there to seek self-protection, but the official announcement has repeatedly said It roughly means that it is not that serious, who can come out and worry for the people.”

Netizens also described the current state of Beijingers:

“The surrounding state: Those who have not been infected are waiting to be infected… Those who are being infected want to withdraw the infection… Those who have been infected are starting to worry about being infected again…”

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Netizens in Beijing described that it felt like the air was full of viruses, and they were infected unintentionally.

“Didn’t there be two jokes in Beijing recently. One is that the air is poisonous. The other is that you just go downstairs, no, you don’t even need to go downstairs. I chatted with a friend of mine today. She, like me, is relatively cautious. We have the following One thing in common, first of all, I seldom go out recently, and second, I never touch when I go out. I will spray all kinds of disinfectants when I go home, and wash my hands very well. The things I bought again are also sprayed with various disinfectants. We also use disinfectants. Yedundi… However, from yesterday to now, both of us have symptoms of headache, dry throat, itchy throat. After replaying, we each went downstairs recently. She went to 711, and there was a big brother behind a few people. Wearing a mask, she ran away quickly after seeing it. I went downstairs to dump a garbage, and then strolled on the main road for about ten minutes, without any contact with anyone within two meters. Another risk factor is that we live together They are all old houses, and it is absolutely impossible for the flue to be isolated from other houses. It is really impossible to prevent, and personal efforts can be said to be useless.”

“I don’t know how I was infected. I have been working from home recently. The only time I went out in the past week was to a convenience store at the bottom of the community. I used an n95 mask and stayed for only five minutes. On Thursday, I felt uncomfortable with my throat. My friend joked that he wouldn’t be caught, but he just lay down on Friday and couldn’t get out of bed.”

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Beijing netizens use “miserable and miserable” to describe the current scene on the streets of Beijing. The video shows that Wangfujing Street, the busiest commercial center in Beijing, and Chaoyang District, where there is a lot of traffic, are deserted.

It seems that high-end office buildings have shut down, shopping malls seem to be closed, and there is no one there.

Beijing restaurants that have resumed dine-in, and few people eat.

But there are rumors that the military compound in Beijing is being sealed off. (Click View in the middle of the video to watch the video)

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