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Blinken’s words angered Xinhua News Agency and Global Times | Global Times | The Epoch Times

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Blinken’s words angered Xinhua News Agency and Global Times | Global Times | The Epoch Times

U.S. Secretary of State Blinken’s “Table Menu” “Theory” Angers CCP Mouthpieces

At the Munich Security Conference on February 17, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken made a statement that sparked irritation from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its mouthpieces.

During a panel meeting, Blinken emphasized the importance of uniting allies and partnerships. He stated, “None of the challenges we must face that are important to the interests of the American people can be effectively addressed by us alone.”

Blinken acknowledged the strategic competition between the United States and China, stating, “the point [is] not to say to [a] country… believe that we can do it, and we have and will continue to do so.” He further explained the voluntary movement of U.S. allies and partners closer to the United States, using the phrase, “if you are not on the table, you will be on the menu.”

The CCP’s mouthpieces, Xinhua News Agency and Global Times, swiftly criticized Blinken’s statement. Xinhua accused Blinken of forcing other countries to take sides, while Global Times interpreted the “table menu theory” as a ploy to coerce countries into choosing between China and the United States.

Current affairs commentator Li Linyi provided a different perspective, suggesting that Blinken’s statement was simply offering countries a better choice. Linyi stated that in the confrontation between the United States and China, it is inevitable for countries to choose sides, but the United States is not forcing any country to make that choice.

Recent geopolitical events support Linyi’s argument. The Philippines and India, both of which have experienced conflicts with the CCP, have sought closer ties with the United States. Philippines President Marcos has strengthened relations with the United States after clashes with the CCP in the South China Sea. Similarly, India has intensified defense cooperation with the U.S. following border conflicts with China and seeks to purchase armed drones from the U.S.

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In a region where disputes with China are prevalent, countries have gravitated towards the United States for support. These actions support the notion that Blinken’s remarks were misunderstood by the CCP’s mouthpieces.

In conclusion, Blinken’s “table menu theory” continues to stir controversy and debate, but the actions of countries in the Asia-Pacific region suggest that the United States is providing a favorable alternative for nations navigating their relationships with China.

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