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Blooming the beauty of culture and bursting with innovative vitality——Guangxi Pavilion of the 19th Shenzhen Cultural and Cultural Expo – Xinhua English.news.cn

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[Original title]Blooming the beauty of culture and bursting with innovative vitality——Information about the Guangxi Pavilion of the 19th Shenzhen Cultural Expo

“Flowers are fragrant, water is full of smiles, sweet wine is on the stage…” At the 19th Shenzhen Cultural Expo, many audiences met at the Guangxi Pavilion following the melodious Tianyang Zhuang ancient melody “Guest Home” and opened the The wonderful journey of “cloud” traveling in Bagui.

Culture prospers the country, and the culture is strong and the nation is strong. “Continuing to promote cultural prosperity, build a culturally powerful country, and build a modern civilization of the Chinese nation at a new starting point is our new cultural mission in the new era.” An important speech was delivered at the development symposium, which pointed out the way forward for promoting the great development and prosperity of culture in the new era.

The Shenzhen Cultural Expo is not only the best stage to showcase the achievements of cultural construction and cultural innovation, but also an important platform to demonstrate cultural self-confidence and promote the construction of a culturally powerful country. High-quality cultural creation, intangible cultural heritage craftsmanship, digital culture… In this year’s ICIF, 26 high-quality enterprises in Guangxi participated in the exhibition with more than 100 cultural and artistic boutiques and cultural products, demonstrating the strong cultural confidence, openness, inclusiveness, and persistence in the region in recent years. The unremitting efforts and achievements of keeping upright and innovating, better shouldering the new cultural mission in the new era.

  The torch is passed down from generation to generation, and the millennium context merges into the wave of the times

The oil-paper umbrella combined with oil, paper, poetry and painting is a poetic stroke in oriental aesthetics. This year, Wei Junmin, the intangible inheritor of the oil-paper umbrella of the Zhuang nationality in Guigang, brought his masterpieces of oil-paper umbrella and palace lantern to the Shenzhen Cultural Expo. “The oil-paper umbrella technique of the Zhuang nationality has been selected into the list of representative items of intangible cultural heritage at the autonomous region level. It would be a pity if this technique is lost.” Wei Junmin, who was born in an umbrella-making family and graduated from the Chinese Department of Minzu University of China, decided to return home after studying “Keep” the oil-paper umbrella.

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Setting up companies, training bases, and recruiting talents… Since 2015, Wei Junmin has set up his business in Zhongli Township, Gangbei District, Guigang City, his hometown, driving villagers out of poverty and becoming rich, and using “fingertip skills” to help develop “fingertip economy”. At the same time, he has continued to improve the production process and appearance of oil-paper umbrellas. Today, the price of some custom-made high-quality oil-paper umbrellas can reach tens of thousands of yuan. Wei Junmin said: “The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation must be accompanied by the prosperity and prosperity of Chinese culture. I will use more exquisite umbrella-making skills and more exquisite products to tell the story of the Zhuang nationality’s oil-paper umbrella and tell the story of China‘s ‘shelter from wind and rain’ for the world.” story.”

Jumping shrimps, crabs, fishes, agile galloping horses, eagles, white cranes, brightly colored cabbages, peonies, narcissus… These lifelike ornaments are all carved from buffalo horns, attracting many exhibitors and tourists to stop Appreciate and be amazed. These horn carvings were created by Bai Yaohua, a master of Chinese arts and crafts and the representative inheritor of the autonomous region’s intangible cultural heritage Hepu horn carving skill project.

Although he is over sixty years old, Bai Yaohua still devotes himself to sticking to the horn carving technique and tries his best to pass it on. In recent years, he has cooperated with vocational colleges such as Guangxi Minority Technical Secondary School and Beihai Art and Design College to establish a teaching and training base, with more than 300 apprentices, and has trained many city-level arts and crafts masters and intangible cultural heritage inheritors.

A lump of mud, a piece of cloth, an ox horn, and a handful of bamboo strips have life and vitality under the hands of Guangxi intangible cultural heritage craftsmen. The millennium cultural context has merged into the tide of the times, bursting out the vitality of “everlasting from ancient times to the present, new and new every day”.

  Drawing from the past for the present fully demonstrates the beauty of innovation and creation

Chinese peonies, Cambodian Jialing flowers, Indonesian jasmines, Thai nasturtiums, Laos plumerias, Vietnamese lotus… These pearl brooches combined with elements of the national flowers of China and ASEAN countries were exhibited in the “Nanzhu Palace” of the Guangxi Pavilion of the Shenzhen Cultural Expo. “As soon as the booth was unveiled, it was sought after by many tourists.

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Wu Yuting, the person in charge of the booth, introduced that this set of pearl brooches skillfully combines the national flowers of 11 countries of China and ASEAN countries with pearl elements, which is both elegant and profound. “I used to think that pearls were the choice of ‘mothers’, but this time I discovered that pearl jewelry can also be very fashionable and trendy.” Professional audience Li Xuanning loved several pearl brooches and readily donated them.

Innovation and creation are the lifeblood of culture and the essential characteristics of culture. The Chinese civilization continues the spiritual blood of our country and nation. It not only needs to pass on the torch, weed out the old and bring forth the new, but also needs to achieve creative transformation and innovative development. At this year’s Shenzhen Cultural Expo, Guangxi’s exhibits, with their uprightness and vigor of innovation, three-dimensionally present the confluence of hundreds of rivers and myriads of national cultures full of innovative and creative vitality.

At the booth of the Guangxi Museum of Ethnic Groups, the cultural and creative products of “Cartoon Dolls of 12 Residents of Guangxi” are cute and handsome. …The “collision” of a series of intangible cultural heritage boutiques and trendy IPs aroused the attention of the audience, and everyone came forward to observe and play.

“The more ethnic, the more global.” Li Yongyi, a staff member of the Industrial Development Department of Guangxi Museum of Nationalities, said. , has repeatedly won awards in national cultural and tourism competitions, bringing cultural and creative products into life and serving life, and letting excellent traditional culture shine with brilliant style and charm in the new era.

  Mutual learning between the United States and the common civilization promotes the blooming of a hundred flowers

Civilizations are colorful because of exchanges, and civilizations are enriched because of mutual learning. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the “Belt and Road” initiative, and the Shenzhen Cultural Expo, which has become more and more “international”, has increasingly become a cultural golden bridge for Guangxi to go to the world and for the world to understand Guangxi.

When I was tired and thirsty from visiting the Shenzhen Cultural Expo, I came to the Sanhe Liubao Tea booth in the Guangxi Exhibition Hall. Tourist choice.

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Wuzhou Liubao tea, which has a history of more than 1,500 years, has become one of the important commodities on the Maritime Silk Road through the “Tea Boat Ancient Road” and enjoys a high reputation in Southeast Asia. In recent years, Wuzhou has promoted the rapid development of a number of excellent Liubao tea brand enterprises such as Sanhe, and the tea industry has continued to grow bigger and stronger. The 2023 report on the work of the autonomous region government proposes to strengthen the development of light and characteristic industries such as Liubao tea. According to reports, in the next step, Wuzhou will implement the “Dongrong Action” and “ASEAN Action” for the marketing of Liubao tea, so as to continuously expand the market of Liubao tea in countries along the “Belt and Road”.

Trade sails, culture sails. During the epidemic, the export of Bobai weaving products suffered heavy losses, but Huang Lianjiang, the head of Huangtu Handicraft Company in Bobai County, discovered new business opportunities: “Many families have increased the frequency of cooking at home, so we have developed a The bread fermented woven basket quickly became a “net celebrity hit”, and the annual sales of this product alone reached 12 million yuan.” She said that art knows no borders, and aesthetics is a common ability of human beings. Bamboo and rattan weaving The products are simple and natural, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and are more and more popular with consumers in countries along the “Belt and Road”.

This year, Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. displayed a “black technology” product at the Cultural Expo – an electric surfboard. Wang Qiang, the person in charge of the booth, introduced that they will make full use of the resource advantages of the Baili Liujiang River, the vast sea area and long coastlines of Guangxi and ASEAN countries, and cooperate with relevant associations and clubs to carry out activities such as surfboarding experience and training to help promote water sports in the West. The high-quality development of brigade equipment manufacturing has jointly stirred up a surging wave of “joint efforts to create a new culture belonging to our era and build a modern civilization of the Chinese nation”. (Wang Chunnan)

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