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Bottrop Schrotthandel: How to find the right provider for your needs News Bottrop – News Bottrop Economy Current news on the internet

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With a few exceptions, there is a high demand for scrap of all kinds not only in Bottrop and NRW, but also internationally

Almost all types of scrap can be picked up free of charge by a Scrap Pickup Bottrop. The most important exception is hazardous waste. Scrap pick-up in Bottrop does not take this away. On the other hand, scrap containing tin, zinc, iron, brass, aluminium, V2A or copper is of great interest. These coveted materials are found in large quantities in scrap cars, old bicycles, engines, wheel rims, exhaust systems and the like. They can also be found, for example, in cables and scissor scrap, radiators and steel gates or bathroom fittings. In the “industrial scrap” area, there are additional components that are irrelevant for private scrap collection. The scrap collection itself serves both instances equally: the private as well as the commercial customer. Anyone who would like to have their scrap picked up can contact Schrottabnahme Bottrop. There are no costs for this service and you can rely on the professional handling of the scrap.

Scrap pick-up Bottrop collects scrap free of charge throughout NRW

A simple phone call is all it takes to have the scrap picked up. The customer agrees on a pick-up time that suits him. At the appointment, scrap pick-up employees in Bottrop drive to the specified address to load up the scrap. It doesn’t matter whether the scrap is in the yard, the attic or the basement. The customer only has to allow access for scrap pick-up, after which the matter is already taken care of for the customer. The situation is completely different for the scrap pick-up, the actual work of which is only just beginning: it has to split the scrap into its individual components – partly automatically, partly manually. Toxic substances also have to be separated so that they can be forwarded to the collection points together with the worthless components, which ensure environmentally friendly disposal. The parts of the scrap that are suitable for reprocessing, on the other hand, are transported to the appropriate, mostly highly specialized recycling plants, from where they are returned to the raw material cycle after reprocessing. This second use of the materials ensures efficient conservation of natural resources and thus of the environment as a whole. A waste of energy is also effectively counteracted by reprocessed materials.


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If you want to have your scrap picked up free of charge, Scrap Pickup Bottrop is the right place. A quick phone call is all it takes for the employees to drive out to the caller to pick up their scrap. This can be steel gates and cables, but also old rims or exhaust systems. Only hazardous waste is excluded from the scrap collection option. Recycled materials make a valuable contribution to the conservation of natural resources.

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E-Mail: info@schrotthaendler.org

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