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Canoa Ivrea, iron pact with the University. To students the Covid Package for Europeans

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The Degree Course in Nursing is one of the Ivrea excellence, like the canoe. It was inevitable that the two realities would end up meeting. “Also because we have always tried to be involved in those city events that have a health aspect – explains Diego Targhetta Dur, coordinator of the Officina H university campus -: from leading sports competitions such as the Giro d’Italia, to which we have guaranteed positions of “health sentinel”, up to amateur events. In this period of pandemic, then, our students were involved in the front line in the vaccination campaign, because we believe that our commitment in the area must be 360 ​​degrees “.

The nursing students who will be selected for the May Canoe European Championships will be entrusted with the “Covid package”: this means a few hundred swabs to be performed in a very short time and, in the unfortunate hypothesis in which a positive virus is found, the whole ” tracking activities to isolate who has been in contact with the infected person.

«For us – comments Targhetta Dur – it is a double opportunity: on the one hand we have the opportunity to contribute to an important event and to safeguard public health, on the other hand it will be a very formative internship for our children. It will be an opportunity to reiterate what for us is a real osmosis with the territory: the details of this organizational machine are still being defined, but we are ready and at least a dozen students will be part of the team we are setting up. “.

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At least three swabs will be provided for each representative of the teams (athlete or staff), as well as for the service personnel (judges, rescuers, etc.): one on arrival (which certifies good health and gives the opportunity to compete) , one at the end (to ensure the safe return to their countries of origin) and a quick one during the competition period. «Our guys will take care of managing the protocol that the local health authorities and the organizers are defining. I think it will be a very useful and formative experience for those who will have the opportunity to participate, also because we will have to deal with this pandemic for a while longer, so it will be something that students will be able to put to good use also in the coming months ».

The organizers praise the university campus: «We found great professionalism, but also tact and sensitivity towards our needs. The hope is that this collaboration can continue even when we have put this emergency behind us ». –


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