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Captured alleged involved in assault, kidnapping and homicide on Neiva farm

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Captured alleged involved in assault, kidnapping and homicide on Neiva farm

Diego Alexánder Silva Orozco was detained in San Vicente del Caguán, Caquetá, by the authorities of the National Police due to an arrest warrant against him.

He is accused of participating in a violent assault on a farm in the San Jorge neighborhood, Guacirco de Neiva inspection, Huila, in 2020.where a kidnapping, a homicide and sexual abuse occurred.

Silva Orozco faces charges of aggravated homicide, aggravated simple kidnapping, use of minors in the commission of crimes, qualified and aggravated robbery, violent carnal access, and manufacture, trafficking and carrying of firearms. These crimes were charged by a specialized tax office of the Huila Section, and although the accused did not accept them, he was sent to prison as an intramural security measure.

The event occurred on December 30, 2020, between 4:00 in the afternoon and 9:00 at night, when three armed men broke into the property, subduing a woman and two minors. During the assault, thirteen people, including three minors, were rendered defenseless.

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One of the young women was taken from the home and later returned after being threatened with a weapon and having been the victim of violent sexual abuse.. The attackers took three motorcycles, cell phones, jewelry, and cash, valued at nearly 15 million pesos.

After untying themselves, the survivors found the lifeless body of Edgar Gaviria, tied to a tree, victim of blunt head trauma and other injuries. Investigations indicate that Silva Orozco, along with two other individuals, planned and perpetrated these heinous crimes.

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“Investigative and judicial police activities show that Silva Orozco, along with two other people, one of them already sentenced to 39 years in prison identified as Oliverio Zea Perdomo, and a minor who is on trial, joined forces to enter to the farm that day and commit these serious crimes attacking the life, sexual freedom and integrity, economic assets, public safety and personal autonomy of those who were there,” the Prosecutor’s Office mentioned.

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