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Coffee growers from Risaralda demonstrated requesting better guarantees

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Coffee growers from Risaralda demonstrated requesting better guarantees

Around 300 coffee growers from the department gathered on Remolinos road, a sector that leads to the municipality of Belén de Umbría, to express their concern and demand concrete actions from the Government. The demonstration, led by the local coffee growing union, was an urgent call for attention to the lack of support and guarantees for their sector.

Among the requests are those related to the price of coffee, which is still below production costs, as well as demands that no more blended coffee be imported: “We need there to be an internal price above production costs. production, two million pesos; that the Federation be restructured and that re-election be ended and that the Government pays the fund what it owes and that those who bring imported coffee be punished with very high taxes and even jail time,” said Jesús Guevara, coordinator of United Coffee Growers of Colombia.

The rest of the country

Likewise, multiple coffee organizations in the country, including those of Risaralda and Caldas at the La Manuela intersection, also demonstrated and presented a document with nine requests that include:

Establishment of fair prices for the purchase of grain. Access to affordable credit for coffee farmers. Implementation of a policy to alleviate debts. Creation of a state subsidy program for the purchase of inputs. Find concrete solutions for future coffee sales. Review of the effects of the multipurpose Cadastre in the union. Formation of a table to address the truth about the coffee situation. Promotion of a new coffee pact that improves the price conditions for Arabica coffee. Imposition of tariffs on imports to guarantee fair prices for producers.


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