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Contrasting pain during childbirth, new drug mix in Olbia – News

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Contrasting pain during childbirth, new drug mix in Olbia – News

In the John Paul II hospital in Olbia, a method of analgesia during labor has been introduced. The ASL Gallura, first in Sardinia, will be able to count on a method of contrasting pain based on the administration of a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. An activity that has been made possible thanks to the collaboration between the complex structures of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Anesthesia and Intensive Care.
“We started at the end of June and 12 patients have already used this service, with excellent results and a lot of satisfaction on their part for having found an important reduction in pain during labor – underlines the director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology operating unit , Giangavino Peppi – We are leading the way in Sardinia also thanks to the collaboration between our operating unit and that of Anesthesia and Intensive Care”.
“The anesthetic mixture – explains the director of the complex structure of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Roberto Passaro – determines an analgesia due to the increase in the pain threshold in the labor phase. It is an administration that we could define on demand: at the moment of contraction the patient activates a valve that releases the substance, without any dispersion into the environment.It is therefore the woman herself who decides whether and when to receive it, inhaling from the mask.The system has already been used for some time in other Italian realities.
It does not cause side effects, it is non-invasive and it is also used in other disciplines”.

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