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Coronavirus in Italy, today’s July 18 bulletin: update on positive cases, hospitalized and healed

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There are 3,127 new cases and 3 victims of Covid in Italy in the last 24 hours. Yesterday there were 3,121 new cases, 13 dead.

The infections emerged from 165,269 swabs performed, including antigenic and molecular, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 244,797. The positivity rate is 1.9%, up from 1.3% yesterday.

In all, there are 46,313 citizens currently positive, 2,622 more than yesterday.

The numbers of intensive care units are more or less stable, slightly down compared to yesterday: 156 total patients hospitalized in intensive care, 6 fewer than yesterday. While in the ordinary wards the number of patients increased: 25 more than yesterday, for a total of 1,136 people.

Instead, 501 patients have been discharged and healed in the last 24 hours from Covid-19, for a total of 4,113,478 since the beginning of the pandemic. The victims, since February last year, have been 127,867.

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Today the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region communicated 77 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 1 after antigenic test), equal to 0.7% of 10,593 swabs performed, of which 6,973 antigenic. Of the 77 new cases, 43 are asymptomatic (55.8%). The total of positive cases therefore becomes 367,787. There are 3 hospitalized in intensive care (like yesterday). There are 46 inpatients not in intensive care (+ 1 compared to yesterday). No deaths of a positive person in the Covid-19 test were communicated by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region. The total therefore remains 11,699 deaths tested positive for the virus. A total of 355,080 patients recovered (+18 compared to yesterday).


There are 379 new cases of Covid positivity found in the last 24 hours in Veneto, while there has been no death compared to yesterday. This was reported by the regional bulletin. The total number of infected since the beginning of the epidemic rises to 428,550, that of victims remains unchanged at 11,629. Hospital numbers are still decreasing: the Covid patients hospitalized are a total of 239 (+1), while they drop by one unit in intensive care, 16. The subjects currently positive and in isolation are 6,816 (+318).

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In Lombardy there are 369 new positives in Covid (438 yesterday), in the last 24 there is only one death (compared to 4 yesterday), with the total number of victims rising to 33,809, according to data from the Civil Protection. The new cases by province: Milan 108, Bergamo 8, Brescia 28, Como 27, Cremona 5, Lecco 8, Lodi 24, Mantova 33, Monza and Brianza 43, Pavia 6, Sondrio 3 and Varese 36.


Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of a total of 3,164 tests, 16 positivity to Covid were found, equal to 0.5%. In detail, the analysis of 1,634 molecular swabs revealed 10 new infections with a positive percentage of 0.61%; from 1,530 rapid antigenic tests 6 cases (0.39%). Today there are no deaths; no one is hospitalized in intensive care, while there are 9 patients in other wards. Overall deaths amounted to 3,789. The totally healed are 103,211, the clinically recovered 9, while the people in isolation are 239. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 107,257 people have been positive with the following territorial subdivision: 21,258 in Trieste, 50,410 in Udine, 21,115 in Pordenone (the number was reduced by one compared to yesterday – explains the Region – for a case of false positive in an antigen test), 13,078 in Gorizia and 1,396 from outside the region. There are no positive results among the staff of the regional health system – concludes the Region – or among the guests and operators of residential structures for the elderly.


There are 72 new infected with Covid19 in Liguria compared to 4,268 tests carried out (2,175 molecular swabs and 2,093 antigenic tests). A figure that makes the incidence skyrocket, which stands at 1.69%. There are 17 hospitalized, one more than yesterday. Five are in intensive care. No deaths are reported by the daily bulletin drawn up by the Liguria Region based on the Alisa-Ministry flow data. As regards the vaccination campaign, 2,496 doses were administered in the last 24 hours, of which 1,902 of vaccines with mRna and 594 with viral load. 585,612 people received the second dose. Of the 1,725,593 delivered doses, 1,521,848 were administered, equal to 88%.

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In Emilia-Romagna there have been no deaths for a week and the decline in hospitalized continues, but the Coronavirus infections are on the rise: in the last 24 hours, 266 have been identified on the basis of 13,203 swabs: to find a similar figure we need to go back to May. In particular, the province of Rimini continues to worry, which is by far the one with the highest number of infections, 63. Of the newly infected, 69 are asymptomatic and the average age is still below 30 years. There are 2,706 active cases. There are 13 patients in intensive care (one fewer than yesterday), while in the other Covid wards there are 141 hospitalized (-4). The vaccination campaign continues with over 4.5 million doses administered. The milestone of two million people who have completed the cycle is approaching.


In Tuscany there are 243 new Covid cases (238 confirmed with molecular swab and 5 by rapid antigen test), which bring the total number to 245,976 since the beginning of the coronavirus health emergency. New cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.01% and reached 237,022 (96.4% of total cases). Today, 5,879 molecular swabs and 4,311 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 2.4% were positive. On the other hand, 4,229 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swab, excluding control swabs), of which 5.7% were positive. The currently positive are 2,056 today, + 11.4% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 82 (2 more than yesterday), of which 16 in intensive care (1 less). There are no new deaths today. These are the data – ascertained at 12 noon today on the basis of the requests of the National Civil Protection – relating to the progress of the epidemic in the region. The average age of 243 new positives today is approximately 28 years (38% are under 20, 41% between 20 and 39, 16% between 40 and 59, 3% between 60 and 79, 2% have 80 years or older).


An additional Covid hospitalized in Umbrian hospitals in the face of a new surge in new daily cases, 67 (against 30 on Saturday), is the picture outlined by the pandemic data on the Region’s website. On the other hand, the number of patients in intensive care remained stable at one and no new victims were reported for a day. No new cured is reported and the currently positives are now 753, 67 more than the previous day. The swabs analyzed were 1,424 and 2,853 antigen tests, with a positive rate rising to 1.56 percent (it was 0.6 in the previous 24 hours).

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Today out of almost 7 thousand swabs in Lazio (-997) and almost 17 thousand antigenic for a total of over 23 thousand tests, there are 471 new positive cases (-29) and zero deaths (-2), while the number of hospitalized patients is increasing to 119 (+ 14) and intensive care which is 26 (+1). Forty recovered from Covid. The ratio between positives and buffers is 7% but if we also consider the antigenic the percentage drops to 2%. The cases in Rome city are at 303.


In the last 24 hours, 60 new cases of ‘Covid-19’ have been identified in the Marche region, 4.1% compared to the 1,453 swabs processed within the path for new diagnoses. The positive-test ratio is substantially stable compared to the previous day, when it was 4%, with 53 new cases on 1,309 swabs, but the incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants has still increased, passing from 18.25 in one day. at 19.60. This can be learned from the first daily bulletin of the regional health service. The total of positives identified since the beginning of the crisis has risen to 104,312. The latest cases were identified 21 in the province of Ancona, 12 in the province of Macerata, 8 in that of Pesaro-Urbino, 3 in Fermano, 9 in Piceno and 7 outside the region. These cases include 10 symptomatic subjects, 23 close contacts with positives, 18 contacts detected in the home environment, 1 detected in the workplace, 1 in a social environment and 3 outside the region; 4 cases are in the epidemiological investigation phase.

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There are 244 new cases of Covid 19 in Campania in the last 24 hours, out of 6,929 molecular swabs. There are 6,014 antigenic swabs. No deaths have occurred in the past 24 hours, but a previously deceased was recorded yesterday. Of the 656 intensive care beds, 10 are occupied, two less than yesterday. Of the 3,160 hospital beds, including those for private individuals, 175 are occupied.

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There are 12 new infections at Covid-19 in Basilicata, compared to 499 molecular swabs processed yesterday. The regional task force makes it known. Also yesterday 3 people healed, all residing in the region. There was no death.


Today, Sunday 18 July, 70 cases out of 3,692 tests for Covid-19 infection were recorded in Puglia, with an incidence growing to 1.89% despite the peculiarity of the weekend. The new positives are 26 in the province of Bari, 14 in the province of Brindisi, 11 in the province of Lecce, 8 in the province of Taranto, 3 in the province of Bat and as many in the Foggiano, 2 cases outside the region and 3 of unknown residence. No deaths were recorded. Since the beginning of the emergency, 2,777,620 tests have been carried out and 1,758 cases are currently positive. The total number of Covid positive cases in Puglia is 254,196 and 245,779 patients are cured.


According to the Covid-19 emergency bulletin released by the Health Protection Department of the Calabria Region, 39 new infections are registered (out of 1,733 swabs carried out), +35 recovered and 1 dead (for a total of 1,237 deaths). The bulletin also records +3 currently positive, +1 in isolation, +2 hospitalized and, finally, intensive care (for a total of 4).

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There are 404 new cases of Covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours in Sicily compared to 5,832 swabs processed on the island. New surge in the incidence of up to 6.9% due to the low number of tampons. The island is in second place for new daily infections in Italy, behind Lazio which has 471. The current positives are 5,123 with an increase of other 336 cases. The healed are 68 while in the last 24 hours and there are no victims in the last 4 days. The total number of deaths therefore remains at 6,006. On the hospital front, there is an increase in the number of hospitalized patients who are now 170, 4 more than yesterday, while the number of hospitalized in intensive care is decreasing and now they are 21, 2 fewer.


The total number of Covid-19 positive cases ascertained in Sardinia since the beginning of the emergency rose to 58,476: in the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit, 233 new infections (+43) were detected out of 2,534 swabs performed for a positivity which rises to 9.1%. There were no new deaths (1,494 in total). Hospital admissions: 60 patients in the medical area (+4 compared to the previous report) and 4 in intensive care. Currently in Sardinia there are 1,735 people in home isolation and 55,183 healed (+12). On the territory, of the 58,476 positive cases ascertained overall.


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