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Cover with Ferragni-Joker, the influencer sues L’Espresso – News

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Cover with Ferragni-Joker, the influencer sues L’Espresso – News

Having just returned to communicating via social media, apparently more serene and with recent interviews behind her, including the one with Fabio Fazio, for an image relaunch, caught, however, between the investigation for aggravated fraud and the relationship crisis with Fedez, Chiara Ferragni decides to react harshly against L’Espresso, which puts her on the cover in the guise of Joker.

The weekly, in fact, will publish a report on the influencer’s corporate galaxy on Friday: “A tangled network of companies, a swirl of shareholdings – we read on the cover in which Ferragni appears made up like Joker – Between cumbersome partners, managers under investigation and paid employees little.
The influencer is at the head of an empire where transparency is not at home.”

The response from the digital entrepreneur’s defense team was not long in coming. You, as stated in a note, “have instructed your lawyers to evaluate any type of legal action, including that for compensation for pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, against the publishing company of the weekly magazine L’Espresso”. At the same time, the lawyers “warned the publisher of L’Espresso from the publication, scheduled for tomorrow 8 March, of the issue which portrays their client on the cover in the guise of Joker, reserving any further action also following the outcome of the checks on the content of the ‘item”.
The lawyers “dispute the seriously defamatory and harmful nature of the use made on the cover of the image of their client who was clearly denigrated and debased on the very day in which the woman should be celebrated”.

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The choice of the photo also ended up in the sights of many social media users, but there are also those who support the choice of the newspaper.
In defense of his wife, however, despite being apart due to a moment of crisis, Fedez intervened with posts on Instagram. “When is a good investigation into your oilman owner? I look forward to it”, we read in the message accompanied by a photo of the owner of the weekly Donato Ammaturo, president of the family’s Ludoil Energy Group, with his face made up like a clown in the same way as Ferragni . Then, a superimposed writing: “And they’ve been locking us up here for days, tomorrow there’s a trial but we have an iron alibi. The world is full of assholes”, a song that serves as the soundtrack.
The rapper also posted “wiretaps from members of the ‘Ndrangheta in which they talk about the owner of the weekly” and wrote again: “With the 4 more copies that you will sell I think we’ll also run out of confetti and streamers this time around . Big party”.

Meanwhile, in the Milanese investigation into the various commercial operations with alleged misleading advertising on charity, including the cases of Pandoro Balocco, Dolci Preziosi Easter eggs, Trudi doll and Oreo, analyzes are also underway on the follower front. They could be used to verify whether the parties, in the context of commercial contracts, were correctly balanced and whether, instead, information was not inflated or omitted, such as information on real or fake followers. At the same time, assessments will need to be made on the relevance of those almost 30 million users in the relationship with consumers.
While the investigation continues, also collecting testimonies, it is possible that none of the suspects will be interviewed before the investigation is closed.

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