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Cycle of external tables for the formulation of the Codechocó Action Plan 2024 – 2027 ended

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Codechocó executives met with journalists and media outlets from Chocó to present the progress of the formulation process of the PAI Institutional Action Plan 2024 – 2027, and the main projections of the Corporation for the four-year period.

The meeting, which brought together various media outlets and journalists from the Choco territory, was the appropriate space to propose actions and bets for environmental management that responds to the needs of the region, but also to generate value for the actors who live here, expand knowledge for decision making and strengthening the social fabric.

“Today we held an important meeting with journalists from the region where we listened to and responded to their proposals on environmental matters. This day allowed us to know their vision of the territory; in addition to articulating actions so that they are the replicators and disseminators of the management and environmental reality of the territory in a clear, timely and truthful manner,” said Arnold Rincón López, General Director of Codechocó. It is the first time that within the framework of the construction of an Action Plan of the Corporation, a space is created with this union, which contributes to the dissemination of its actions.

The attending journalists expressed the importance of taking into account various approaches to the essential environmental issue and were willing to support Codechocó’s environmental education initiatives for the conservation of natural resources.

Also participating in the meeting was Beni Luzau, an environmental defender and leader from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who is currently in the department of Chocó learning about successful experiences in conservation with the aim of supporting initiatives that contribute to the mitigation of effects of climate change, the eradication of illegal trafficking of wild fauna and flora species.

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Finally, CODECHOCÓ extended the public call to the communities to participate in the hearing to present the Institutional Action Plan 2024 – 2027, in order to compile the needs and expectations of the interested parties regarding the territory in environmental matters.

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