Home News Distinguished guests from all walks of life gather at the first China Cyber ​​Civilization Conference-to promote the new style and righteousness to talk about cyber civilization_Internet

Distinguished guests from all walks of life gather at the first China Cyber ​​Civilization Conference-to promote the new style and righteousness to talk about cyber civilization_Internet

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Original title: Guests from all walks of life gathered at the First China Network Civilization Conference-Carrying Forward the New Trend and Righteousness to Discuss Network Civilization

Cyberspace is the common spiritual home of hundreds of millions of people. The first China Internet Civilization Conference, held in Beijing on November 19, is positioned to create a platform for dissemination of ideas, experience exchanges, results display, and international network civilization mutual learning platform for my country’s Internet civilization. In the main forum of the conference and related sub-forums, the guests gathered together to discuss the development and governance of the current network civilization related topics.

-Deepen the governance of the network ecology and create a clearer network space.

“In recent years, in the face of the influence of cyberspace development on traditional governance models, and the huge challenges that cyber crimes have posed to traditional judicial cases, procuratorial organs have acted accordingly to effectively maintain cyber security and promote cyber governance.” Supreme People’s Procuratorate Procuratorate Zheng Xinjian, a member of the committee and director of the Fourth Prosecutors Office, said that the procuratorial organs should give full play to the role of legal supervision, promote the modernization of the network governance system and governance capabilities, and jointly build a clear and civilized cyberspace.

The Personal Information Protection Law came into effect on November 1 this year, and its role in protecting the rights and interests of personal information and promoting the construction of network civilization has attracted great attention from the participating scholars. “The emerging industries represented by the Internet now have an important impact on the economic and social operations.” Lin Jia, a professor at the Renmin University of China Law School, said that the protection of individuals in the information age by laws such as the Civil Code and the Personal Information Protection Law in my country nowadays, Constructed a legal dam for the protection of personal information.

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—— Give full play to the positive role of technology and jointly build a beautiful spiritual home on the Internet.

“Internet core technology innovation is the support of cyberspace governance. Independent and controllable will empower cyberspace behavioral norms, ecological governance, and civilization creation.” said Wu Jianping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of the Institute of Network Science and Cyberspace, Tsinghua University. Construction is a long-term strategic task and a systematic project that requires the entire society and multiple fields to work together. Practice has proved that the Internet is the most important infrastructure in cyberspace, and the innovation of core Internet technologies has become a key factor in cyberspace behavioral norms, ecological governance, and the creation of civilization.

During the conference, the China Federation of Internet Social Organizations, together with 105 member units and related enterprises, jointly issued the “Internet Information Service Algorithm Application Self-discipline Convention.” Su Hua, the co-founder and chairman of Kuaishou Technology, said that it is necessary to make full use of core technologies, increase the dissemination of content that conforms to the core values ​​of socialism, solve problems such as “information cocoon rooms” and “information islands”, and strive to guide through a good network civilization Users see a better life and embrace a better life.

—— Propagate the concept of civilization, cultivate the culture of civilization, and gather upward forces for good.

“We must strengthen cultural self-confidence, improve communication efficiency, and avoid blindly catering to, simple and rigid” “We should make the world better understand China in interactive communication” “We must condense the’root’ and’soul’ of Chinese stories on the Internet”… …During the conference, the guests contributed their insights on topics such as how to tell Chinese stories well. “Mainstream media must strive to be the leader in the construction of network civilization.” Qian Wei, chairman of CCTV.com, said that the Internet must be further used to activate the cultural genes of Chinese civilization, and turn traditional into popular and ancient into fashion. Yes, let the excellent Chinese traditional culture shine again in the cyberspace.

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Relevant persons in charge of Internet companies conducted in-depth discussions at the meeting on how to jointly promote civilized Internet operation, civilized use of the Internet, and civilized Internet access. During the conference, nearly a hundred Internet information service platforms participated in the conference jointly signed the “Commitment for Internet Companies to Effectively Fulfill Their Main Responsibilities and Build a Civilized Network Ecosystem”, calling on all website platforms to join hands, earnestly fulfill their main responsibilities, and actively fulfill relevant commitments for good maintenance Network ecology, build a clear network space to escort. (Reporter Zhang Chong Wang Haonan Pan Junqiang

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