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Domestic “big aircraft” uses self-developed inspection robots-Technology News-Market Information Network

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Domestic “big aircraft” uses self-developed inspection robots

Market Information Network 2023-05-30 15:19:45 Source: People’s Daily Online Comments:

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 29th (Reporter Zhao Zhuqing) On May 28th, China-made large passenger aircraft C919 carried out China Eastern Airlines flight MU9191, took off from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, and landed safely at Beijing Capital International Airport, which marked the successful completion of domestically-made large passenger aircraft C919 The first commercial flight flies. The reporter learned from the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry that in the assembly plant of the domestically produced large aircraft C919 of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a group of “inspection robots” shuttle constantly, undertaking automated and intelligent tooling inspection work.

According to the R&D team, this robot was developed for the tooling inventory of aircraft manufacturing plants. It can carry out automatic inspections, accurate inventory, and mark abnormalities according to the instructions issued by the tooling control system, thereby realizing the automation and digital management of tooling in large aircraft manufacturing plants. , greatly improving management efficiency.

In the field of industrial intelligent manufacturing, the Jinling Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute of the Fourth Academy of China Aerospace Science and Industry has rich experience in robot development. However, compared with other projects, this project has the characteristics of “large factory area, high precision requirements, many scene changes, and few identification features”, and there are certain technical difficulties.

In March 2021, Jinling Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute officially launched the intelligent unmanned inspection robot project. The project is a new exploration, with little experience to learn from, and many uncertainties, some of which are even problems that have never been encountered before. The researchers were troubled by the robot’s extremely high positioning accuracy indicators. Faced with repeated test failures, some team members were a little confused. “If there is a problem, it must be solved, and the problem must not be left behind.” Yan Binwen, the team leader, actively organized the team to tackle the technical difficulties and doubts. An impromptu seminar often lasts for several hours. In the conference room and at the test site, everyone often discusses for a long time around a seemingly unremarkable problem, brainstorms together, contributes experience, evaluates risks, and finally forms a landing plan.

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The team members know very well that it is difficult to solve the technical problem of “stuck neck” overnight, and often need to accumulate small victories into big victories. They draw nutrition and find inspiration from professional books and achievements, accumulate data in a large number of experiments, and explore specific technical paths. Faced with the characteristics of large cruising range, single natural features, and many large obstacles in the COMAC plant, as well as the characteristics of high precision, high reliability, and high flexibility for on-site inspections, the “small omnidirectional movement “Chassis” improves the inspection scope of the inspection robot, and uses the method of combining natural features and artificial markers to establish a reliable navigation environment and open up the “last mile” to achieve the goal. The project finally broke through a number of key technologies such as large-scale, high-precision laser SLAM navigation and positioning. It is these small improvements, small optimizations, and small breakthroughs that converge into real innovations, and qualitatively become key technological breakthroughs.

In order to test the technology in actual combat to the greatest extent and shorten the deployment and debugging time, the team built a simulation scene experiment platform according to the project characteristics of “one big and one high, one more and one less”, planned the work content in advance, arranged the working time scientifically, and carried out the test during the test. During the process, the navigation and identification strategies were gradually adjusted, and the design parameters were optimized to achieve stable cruise and inspection effects.

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In the second half of 2022, the intelligent unmanned inspection robot developed by the team successfully completed the acceptance and delivery, and officially “started to perform duties” in the C919 assembly plant. Robots replaced the original manual tooling inventory, upgrading the on-site tooling management to an efficient tooling management method of automatic inspection and digital management, which has been highly recognized.

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