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Donkey cries with happiness when released

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Donkey cries with happiness when released

In recent days, a moving video went viral on social media; In it you can see Leonardo, a donkey who lived in a shack in Seville, Spain, together with a family at risk of social exclusion that did not provide him with the necessary care. Leonardo was tied up all the time and had no access to food or water.

The donkey’s situation changed when his family had to move and could not take him with them. It was then that they contacted the Gaia Sanctuary Foundation, who took care of him. Leonardo had to travel more than 1000 km to reach his new home in Girona.

Upon arrival, the vets realized that Leonardo’s state of health was not the best, as he had several health problems, such as uveitis and an ulcer in his eyes, as well as skin injuries. The foundation began treating him immediately, deworming him and doing different tests to find out his state of health.

But the most moving thing came when they removed the harness from his head and told him that he was free. At that moment, the donkey brayed and cried with happiness, moving everyone present. The moment was recorded in several videos that have been shared on social networks, reaching thousands of people.

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