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Elections 2022, news on the Government of today 13 July

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Elections 2022, news on the Government of today 13 July

ROME. The political world is still traversed by the storm caused by the Knight. Silvio Berlusconi relaunches presidentialism as a “priority reform” and adds that if it passes, “Mattarella should resign.” Then he clarifies: “To go to the direct election of a head of state”, which could also be him. The reaction of the Democratic Party was immediate with Letta attacking: “It is the demonstration that the right is dangerous for the country.” Read to The print he says: “Berlusconi wants the Quirinale, it is obvious”. Ignazio La Russa of Fratelli d’Italia, however, slows down: “It is premature to discuss Mattarella’s theme today.” Today the presentation of the program of the Democratic Party.

Updates hour by hour

10.29 – Read: “September 25 historic choice”
«We are facing a historic choice, even more evident after yesterday’s events. Either we are on the side of the defense or the distortion of our Constitution ». Enrico Letta thus marks the field, at the opening of the Democratic Party Directorate which will examine the program in view of the elections. An open and articulated reference by the dem secretary to references to presidentialism, and to the hypotheses of Sergio Mattarella’s resignation after the possible approval of the reform, made yesterday by Silvio Berlusconi.

10.26 – Pd, applause in the Management for “Mattarella guarantor of the Constitution”

A choral applause to Sergio Mattarella, in his role as guarantor of the Constitution: this is how, at the request of Enrico Letta, the Pd Management opens. “A dramatic mistake of the right and of Berlusconi to have called the Quirinale into question in the electoral campaign”, denounces the Pd secretary.

10.24 – Parisi: «Letta had to work in coalition with the Draghi defenders. In the autumn, economic and social issues will explode “
«The time it takes for the parties to formulate thoughtful proposals and for the voters to avoid an immature choice is too short, but long enough to anticipate the confrontation that awaits us in society in the autumn: I see a terrible picture. The expensive life, the costs of energy. Economic and social issues will explode, “he says Future the founder of the Olive Tree, Arturo Parisi. According to Parisi, the victory of the right is not taken for granted: «It is not enough to add party membership or voting habits. This is a country where one out of two citizens moves between one signature, another one and abstention ». Regarding the positions taken by the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta, Parisi comments: «Once the crisis opened, I would have worked on a coalition that would unite all and only the defenders of the government. All and only. But he is the secretary. It is right that he is the one to choose the destination and to show the way ». And he adds: «Letta’s is a choice. A clear, legitimate and courageous choice. Keep the Democratic Party together. But even before the party, keeping the left together, the one inside and outside the Democratic Party, without any exclusion or distinction between Draghi’s supporters and opponents ”. On Giorgia Meloni, on the other hand, he comments: «Certainly he has galloped and grown as his party has grown. But it is one thing to be at the head of a party, another to be recognized as the undisputed leader of one’s own field, yet another to conquer and above all maintain the leadership of an entire country ”. Berlusconi’s words on presidentialism are instead “a senseless provocation”. And on the Third Pole the judgment is harsh: “Let’s say that the mere presence on the scene of a Third Pole alone demonstrates the failure of a phase of the Republic”.

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10.14 – Cassese: “Do not demonize presidentialism”
“We must not demonize presidentialism, but we cannot ignore the fact that its inclusion in a constitutional system such as the Italian one requires that we do not limit ourselves to modifying only the articles of the Constitution relating to the President of the Republic”, he affirms to the Press Sabino Cassese. And he adds: “In Italy the” fear of the tyrant “, that is the fear that an elected president could add up too many powers and exercise them in a non-liberal sense (like Orban, so to speak), limiting freedom of expression and fundamental rights, is still alive, and prevails over the need for a “government that governs” ».

9.59 – Orlando (Pd): “The right wants to concentrate powers, admires democracy”
“An irresponsible attack on Colle, the right wants” a concentration of powers and a different balance with respect to the tradition of European democracies “, he declared to the Courier Labor Minister Andrea Orlando, speaking of Berlusconi’s statements on presidentialism and elections. Orlando adds: «We are not faced with nostalgics of past regimes, but admirers of present regimes. I am referring to forms of democracy with which the exponents of the Italian right have not by chance flirted ».

9.54 – Berlusconi: “With reform, stop bureaucracy and 800 thousand more jobs”
“Today we talk about the bureaucracy that suffocates us. To build a house, or to renovate it, to open a business, a shop, a restaurant, today an infinite number of practices, permits, authorizations that last an infinite time are required – says Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, in a video on social media where he presents “a pill a day” of the blue program. With us, however, it will be enough to respect the laws and a communication by registered letter to the relevant Municipality. The works can start immediately and the checks will be done afterwards, with a fine for those who have broken the laws ». And the president of Forza Italia adds: «With this simple reform, 800,000 more jobs will be created in construction alone. “and you agree, if you too want to live in a state in which the citizen can do everything that is not explicitly forbidden by the law, on 25 September you have to go to vote and you have to vote Forza Italia”.

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9.48 – Lega: “A few hours after launch,” I believe “vila in Twitter trends”
«A few hours after the launch of the key word of the Lega electoral campaign, CREDO, the hashtag #credo immediately placed itself in the top positions among the Italian Twitter trends and is on a further rise. Last night, immediately after the projection of the word in four symbolic places for Matteo Salvini’s program (Lampedusa, Milan Central Station, INPS headquarters and Revenue Agency in Rome) #credo had imposed itself on the highest step. At 11 am, the full #CREDO by Salvini and the Lega will be broadcast ». This was announced by a press release from the League.

9.37 – Berlusconi: “Read in bad faith, no eviction notice in Mattarella”
«But what notice of eviction! Here the meaning of the words is now distorted! The obvious is also exploited – declares Silvio Berlusconi al Newspaper-. As everyone can verify by listening to my interview, I have never attacked President Mattarella, nor have I ever asked for his resignation. To a specific question, I just said something obvious, self-evident, and that is that once the constitutional reform on presidentialism is approved, before proceeding with the direct election of the new Head of State, Mattarella’s resignation would be necessary, which I repeat could also be elected by new”. The Forza Italia leader adds: «The scandal is all here: a simple explanation of how the reform on presidentialism proposed in the center-right program could work. How this could be mistaken for an attack on Mattarella remains a mystery. Or, perhaps, it can be explained by the bad faith of those who, like Enrico Letta, attribute to me an intention that was never mine ».

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9.29 – Naples (Action): “Presidentialism is like the phoenix”
“Presidentialism is like the phoenix of Metastasio,” everyone says there is, no one knows where it is. ” Berlusconi has been talking about himself for 24 hours, Salvini has queued up proposing semi-presidentialism in French sauce and the enormous problems of Italy have been shelved for another day. Of the more than 400 implementing decrees of the Pnrr rules, of the race that awaits us in order not to lose the third tranche of European funds, nobody is dealing with it, on the right and on the left ”, says the deputy of Action, Osvaldo Napoli. And he adds: «Action is the only force that calls for the concreteness of problems and solutions. The others play on the skin of the country ».

9.20 – Di Maio: “From Berlusconi disturbing words about Mattarella”
«Silvio Berlusconi said disturbing words about Mattarella, and it is not a good scenario for the future if he wants to be President of the Republic. This right is turning out to be more and more extremist, ”Luigi Di Maio told Radio Capital. And the Foreign Minister adds: “We have to keep the guarantor of the Constitution very tight.”

9.12 – Calenda: “Presidentialism will never happen”
“Presidentialism carries no risk of authoritarian drift, also because it will never happen. It is a great weapon of mass distraction. Inflation, health, business 4.0, education, infrastructure implementation and Pnrr. Let’s focus on what matters, ”writes Carlo Calenda on Twitter.

8.58 – Second day of delivery of the electoral symbols
Reopened today, from 8 at the Viminale, the offices for the delivery of electoral badges in view of the elections on 25 September. It will be possible to deposit the symbols until 8 pm. No queue this morning at the entrance to the Ministry of the Interior, as it happened yesterday. This morning the first symbol delivered was that of the Esseritaries, followed by the “People’s National Technical Movement for Peace”. And the third crusader shield also arrives, the third symbol of Christian democracy after the two deposited yesterday. The total at the moment is 58 markings. The offices will also open tomorrow, from 8 to 16.

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