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Embarrassing blunder leads to divorce of the wrong couple: “Could have happened to anyone”

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Due to a computer error at the law firm Vardags in the United Kingdom, the wrong couple was accidentally divorced. “It could have happened to any of us,” the office responded.

The young lawyer had to open the file of Mr and Mrs Williams via a computer system. But by accident another file was clicked open, that of a couple with the same surname. That couple had been happily married for 21 years, but the mistake made the divorce final.

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the final order would stand despite the error. “The young lawyer who made the mistake through the new divorce portal is one of the best of the young generation. Not at all sloppy, completely committed and extremely competent,” founder and chair Ayesha Vardag told Law Society Gaztte. According to Ayesha, it could have happened to anyone, but the young lawyer is now having a very difficult time because of that mistake. “Our brilliant young lawyer really needs support to deal with the trauma of it all,” he said.

Two years ago, divorce law in the UK was overhauled, the biggest overhaul in 50 years. Since then, it has been legally possible to divorce without either party having to prove guilt or wrongdoing. Since then, according to The Mirror, there has been a significant increase in applications.

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