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Farra di Soligo, a student beaten and robbed of the smartphone

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Farra di Soligo, a student beaten and robbed of the smartphone

The Cison di Valmarino police station

The minor was returning from an evening at the festival when a 21-year-old ambushed him to get hold of his cell phone. Then the attacker was arrested and has already been tried

FARRA DI SOLIGO. He attacks a minor and steals his smartphone. She had waited for him after the village festival. He thought he was getting away with it, but he was recognized by a couple of witnesses. Thanks to their report, Mohammed Kasdi, a 21-year-old of Moroccan nationality, was intercepted by a patrol of the carabinieri of Cison di Valmarino, a company of Vittorio Veneto. For him the arrest and the direct trial started. The episode took place yesterday in Farra di Soligo, around midnight.

Mohammed Kasdi, de facto homeless, focused his attention on a teenager who was returning home after an evening spent with friends. Kasdi knew the boy by sight, a minor compatriot, residing in Pieve di Soligo. He approached him and suddenly stole his smartphone, a Samsung model worth around 300 euros. Immediately after the lightning attack, the 21-year-old addressed the minor in a threatening tone: «Don’t come near, you don’t know who I am. The phone is mine now. ‘ To reinforce his intimidation, Kasdi punched him in the face, then another violent blow to the side. “Give me the numbers to unlock the phone,” he told him, trying to get hold of the cell phone password.

The teenager suffered multiple bruises, which the emergency room judged to be curable in a week. Thanks to two witnesses who saw the attack in real time and recognized the attacker, the carabinieri set out on the hunt for the foreigner. Mohammed Kasdi, who lives by making ends meet with odd jobs, was intercepted shortly after two in the morning, near the place where the robbery had taken place. Inside his backpack the smartphone was found stolen from the minor a couple of hours earlier. The 21-year-old was arrested on charges of robbery and aggravated personal injury. Kasdi, defended by the lawyer Graziana Cenna, appeared yesterday in court in Treviso, in front of judge Alberto Fraccalvieri for the hearing to validate the arrest and the direct trial. The Moroccan negotiated a sentence of one year, eight months and twenty days of imprisonment, as well as a fine of 600 euros. The sentence has been suspended and the young man will not end up in prison.

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