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Fernando Araújo: writing with the knife at his throat

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Fernando Araújo: writing with the knife at his throat

Contrary to what many would believe, Araújo is increasingly further away from fanaticism. His conviction in favor of revolutionary values ​​has not become an impediment to the free flow of ideas (and words). He claims self-criticism and permanent intellectual search as sine qua non conditions for writing.

He praises the figure of the “professional contradictor” and remembers Hegel with the thesis, antithesis and synthesis. Because? Because for a man to be a man he has to question himself, open dialogues, thus, almost always, the words are carried away by the wind.

“In a state of writing,” ‘the walker’ titled one of his columns and there he gave another key to what it means to write: being awake. You have to be awake to notice things and write them down, to interpret them, to rediscover them. And in that process do the same with yourself: write yourself, interpret yourself, rediscover yourself.

In this interview, chapter 18 of ‘El Metalero de Kienyke’, the audience will discover the most direct arguments for writing because, you will see, anyone can write. Well, paper and pencil are needed to capture what comes from within. Writing is a purpose in itself, more than the culmination of any work, and it only depends on each person to begin doing it, because if it is about authenticity, artificial intelligence is already producing texts en masse, very good, but always with the impossibility of reach the authenticity of the viscera.

“I’m excited to discover something, even if it’s against me,” said Aaraújo, marking another phrase to tattoo as much as possible in memory and forever on this paper.

See full interview with Fernando Araújo Vélez

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