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“Ferryman” in the eye of the epidemic: Heihe has no river that cannot be crossed

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(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) “Ferryman” in the eye of the epidemic: Heihe has no river that cannot be crossed

China News Service, Heihe, Heilongjiang, November 6th. Title: “Ferryman” at the eye of the epidemic: Heihe has no river that cannot be crossed

China News Agency reporter Wang Lin Shi Yifu

The new crown epidemic caused by the foreign delta strain recently raided the border city of Heihe between China and Russia. China News Agency reporters walked through the empty and quiet downtown area of ​​Heihe on the 6th. The sporadic vehicles and pedestrians on the road were all shouldering “special tasks” and they were escorts. The “ferrymen” who crossed the “epidemic pass” in Heihe fought for the prosperity of this small town on the border of China.

Passenger drivers changed to quarantine transfer vehicles: after the epidemic, the Russian skewer was eaten

Heihe, China, and Blagoveshchensk, Russia, face each other across the Heilongjiang River, and are called “Sino-Russian Twin Cities”. The eastern and western cultures merge along the border between the two countries. Lin Cunhai, the passenger line driver of the Heihe Transportation Company, is proud of him. He said: “I usually drive very relaxed, and I often talk to passengers about Versailles-the gourmet beauty of Heihe.”

When the epidemic hit, Lin Cunhai took the initiative to take on the task of driving an isolation transfer vehicle, straining his nerves throughout the process. In order to prevent the risk of infection, he insisted on not eating or drinking for six or seven hours on the way back and forth. “I will do my duty as a driver to protect the safety of passengers and citizens. When the epidemic is over, I recommend everyone to eat pig-killing vegetables and Russian skewers. “

The reporter saw at the Heihe Passenger Transport Station that the staff were killing the hall, the close registration gate, the nucleic acid testing room and other places. In order to strengthen the closed-loop management and control of quarantined personnel, Heihe City adopts a “car-to-car” and “point-to-point” method for personnel transfer. Workers and quarantine personnel wore white protective clothing and ferryed the “Ark of Life.”

Female grid crew climbs 26 times a day: get tired and catch a breath and continue to climb

Heihe City has closed all business premises such as supermarkets and supermarkets since November 3, and implemented “delivery” to ensure the supply of residents’ daily necessities. Many people “transformed” into courier brothers to deliver goods to residents and “ferry” for people who are isolated at home. “With food and drink cost and a peace of mind.

Fan Jixiang, head of the Food Safety Production Section of the Heihe City Market Supervision Bureau, sorts “fruit and vegetable packages” in the warehouse; Zhu Ming, the 47-year-old general manager of Heihe Yinjian Bonded Logistics Center Co., Ltd., has multiple roles as a dispatcher, driver and porter, and drives 10 A ton container transfer truck rushed to the community; Dong Wei, deputy chief of the Evaluation and Supervision Division of the Market Supervision Bureau of Heihe City, “takes over” unloading and counting. The small physique unloads 3 containers at a time and unloads 20 times in a trip.

During the final sprint, Zhang Ping, a member of the Unicom Community Grid, wore cotton trousers and a down jacket in the isolation suit. She is responsible for the 7th floor of the distribution complex, and she can climb up to 26 times a day, carrying rice in her right hand and soybean oil in her left hand. She panted and said: “When you are tired, sit on the ground and catch your breath. Slowly continue to climb.”

The traffic police on duty ate lunch in the cold wind: looking forward to seeing the bustling town again

Early morning and evening are the peak hours of traffic on weekdays, but Heihe is silent in the early snow this winter. Since the implementation of strict control measures, people except for epidemic prevention and confession have stayed at home. People walking in the wind and snow have been dispatched for the war epidemic, and the public security traffic police are their “ferrymen.”

On the 6th, the temperature in Heihe City was between -2°C and -12°C. Quan Jiyang, captain of the highway squadron of the Cooperation Zone Brigade of the Public Security Traffic Police Detachment of Heihe City, stood on the snowy ground, and his breath condensed into ice on the mask. He saluted the material distribution vehicle, and the humanity in the vehicle said, “Comrade traffic police has worked hard.” Quan Jiyang said: “It was uncomfortable to see no one on the road. It was very kind and warm to see them fighting side by side with me.”

At noon, Quan Jiyang hurriedly ate two bites of rice in the cold wind. As soon as he opened the lid of the lunch box, the food was immediately cold. He hasn’t been home for 11 days. His 6-year-old daughter looked like a “little adult” and said in a video call: “Dad is to protect our wife and the people of Heihe.” Quan Jiyang burst into tears in an instant.

“With us ferrying and escorting the war epidemic, Heihe has no river that can’t be crossed. I hope that the bustling traffic will resume as soon as possible.” Traffic policeman Quan Jiyang said. (over)


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