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Fire brigade practices at the Doberan Minster in case of an emergency > – News

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Fire brigade practices at the Doberan Minster in case of an emergency  > – News

As of: April 20, 2024 7:38 a.m

During a comprehensive exercise, the fire brigades trained for a major fire in Doberan Minster. This also showed what could have been wrong in an emergency.

The fire brigade fought a fire in the Doberaner Minster on Friday evening – fortunately only a fake one. The first alarm for the exercise was sounded in Bad Doberan at around 5:45 p.m., eight minutes later the first fire engines were in front of the 13th century church, which houses the most valuable High Gothic furnishings of all Cistercian monasteries in Europe. With a second alarm, the volunteer fire departments from the region were called in. They had not been informed in advance and therefore initially had to assume that there was a real major fire.

Climb 225 steps with respiratory protection

A fog machine simulated smoke in the 30 meter high roof of the church. While the first teams ran up the 225 steps under full respiratory protection, others brought art objects from the interior of the church to safety. A total of 140 women and men took part in the exercise. After an hour, they had largely completed their tasks – significantly faster than operations manager Christian Glasses had planned. “The exercise went very well,” was his conclusion, “we are very well prepared.” Weak points in a riser pipe also became clear, which could have hindered extinguishing work in an emergency. They should be eliminated.

The “role model” was the fire at Notre-Dame in Paris

Martin Heider, custodian of the Doberan Minster, was also satisfied with how the fire brigade operation went. The background for the exercise was the devastating fire at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Five years ago he severely damaged the landmark of the French capital.

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Further information

The country has developed a model equipment house for fire departments – it will be built in series from next year. 35 million euros are available for this. more

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NDR 1 Radio MV | News from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania | April 19, 2024 | 19:30 o’clock

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