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Focus on seven key Hebei to expand agricultural characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas_Hebei News

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Focus on seven key Hebei to expand agricultural characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas_Hebei News

Ensure the high-quality development of supporting industries in poverty-stricken areas, and the continuous and stable growth of industrial income of the poverty-stricken population in the province

Focusing on seven key points, Hebei will expand its agricultural characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas

Hebei Daily News (Reporter Hao Dongwei) A few days ago, the Hebei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the “2023 Hebei Province Work Plan for Consolidating and Improving Agricultural Characteristic Industries in Poverty-Eradicated Areas”, which included industries in poverty-stricken areas into the development of rural industries in the province and integrated promotion of advantageous and characteristic industrial clusters. Put the poverty-stricken people in the overall pattern of farmers’ income increase, accelerate the upgrading and upgrading of agricultural characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas, and ensure the high-quality development of supporting industries in poverty-stricken areas in the province in 2023, and the continuous and stable growth of industry income for the poverty-stricken population in the province. Expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promote rural revitalization to be at the forefront of the country and lay a solid foundation.

The work plan proposes to focus on special vegetables, edible fungi, fruits, and Chinese medicinal materials. Within the year, the poverty-stricken areas of the province will develop 4.75 million mu of vegetables (including edible fungi), 1.15 million mu of Chinese medicinal materials, and 3 million mu of fruit; Starting with the construction of meat and dairy industry revitalization projects, 11.72 million pigs, 1.842 million beef cattle, 12.03 million mutton sheep, 290 million poultry, and 455,000 dairy cows were slaughtered in poverty-stricken areas within the year.

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The work plan puts forward key tasks in seven aspects, develops and strengthens agricultural characteristic industries in poverty-stricken areas, and continues to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation.

Implement industrial promotion actions. Make full use of the endowment of agricultural resources and industrial advantages, promote the implementation of five 100-billion-level industrial projects of vegetables, Chinese herbal medicines, dairy industry, high-quality meat, and central kitchens, support poverty-stricken counties around industrial clusters, and focus on “one main and two auxiliary” characteristic leading industries, Continue to increase the cultivation of leading industries with agricultural characteristics and advantages, based on “soil”, embody “specialty”, form “production”, improve the industrial aggregation mechanism of townships (towns), and build a group of strong industrial towns.

Implement projects to increase revenue. Continue to carry out the “Agricultural Investment Project Promotion Year” activities, implement a number of major investment projects in poverty-stricken counties, and play a leading role. List the investment promotion directory of leading enterprises, carry out precise investment promotion in the industrial chain, and implement “nanny-style” caring services. The contracted investment of agricultural investment promotion projects in poverty-stricken areas will reach 35 billion yuan within the year.

Implement technology support actions. Continue to optimize the five-level industrial technology service system in provinces, cities, counties, and villages, establish a long-term mechanism for the technology service industry, strengthen the connection between the five levels of connectivity, and carry out technology services targeting at key links in the industry to ensure that technology services reach villages, households, subjects and projects, and further improve poverty alleviation. The ability of the population to increase income by relying on new technologies and new varieties. Implement the “Head Goose” training project for rural industrial revitalization, carry out actions to improve grassroots scientific and technological service capabilities and comprehensive quality, and cultivate leaders in rural industrial revitalization.

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Implement the leading cultivation action. Strengthen the driving role of leaders, improve the mechanism of joint farming and leading farmers, and vigorously promote the four-in-one business model of “leading enterprises + farmers’ cooperatives + bases + farmers”, so as to drive more farmers to join the development of the entire agricultural industry chain. Leading enterprises will become bigger and stronger, and 5 new leading enterprises above the provincial level in poverty-stricken areas will be added, reaching 305; each poverty-stricken county will consolidate and expand an industrialized consortium that has a good effect of linking farmers with farmers and has a complete assistance mechanism. Carry out in-depth actions to improve new agricultural management entities and promote agricultural social services, and promote the “Thousand Enterprises Prosper Ten Thousand Villages” action.

Implement consumption assistance actions. Increase brand promotion efforts, tell a good brand story, and enhance brand credibility and brand premium capabilities. Hebei Agricultural Brand Miles Tour, Brand Creativity Competition and other activities were held. During the year, 8 and 5 new regional public brands and leading corporate brands were added in poverty-stricken areas, reaching 55 and 32 in total. Expand the docking methods of agricultural batches, agricultural supermarkets, and agricultural enterprises, promote business models such as direct procurement, direct supply, and direct sales at the origin, create a production and marketing community, and continuously improve the accuracy of production and sales docking. Strategically cooperate with e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and JD.com to open “gold medal” stores, organize activities such as “Jiyouhaowu Online Helping Farmers” and “Online Single Product Exhibition and Sales Week” to expand online sales channels. Make good use of the online sales platform of agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas to promote consumption assistance.

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Improve the risk prevention mechanism. Do a good job in the prevention and control of industrial risks, and provide targeted assistance in a timely manner to households out of poverty who have difficulties in industrial development due to epidemics, natural disasters, pests, price fluctuations, and unsalable products, as well as monitoring targets for prevention of returning to poverty. Relying on the innovation team of the modern agricultural industry technology system, timely carry out early warning and analysis of industrial risks, study and judge market fluctuation risks, and resolve industrial development risks.

Do a good job in the dynamic monitoring of industrial poverty prevention. Give full play to the role of the “Hebei Provincial Poverty Alleviation Industry Data Information Statistics System”, strengthen the monitoring of industry anti-poverty prevention, update the data information of poverty alleviation industries in a timely manner, conduct screening and early warning of poverty alleviation households whose income has been reduced by more than 20%, and establish a normalized analysis, judgment and scheduling mechanism , Accurately do a good job in industrial assistance.

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