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Former paramilitary Salvatore Mancuso granted parole

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Former paramilitary Salvatore Mancuso granted parole

This Monday, March 4, the Justice and Peace Jurisdiction of Colombia (JEP) released former paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso, reports the Public Television of the South American country.

According to the media, after a favorable evaluation in the first of the hearings, which was held last week, Mancuso will enjoy conditional freedom for four years, during which time he will serve as peace manager.

“I have fulfilled each and every one of the requirements demanded by the Justice and Peace law,” the former commander of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) would have argued in his favor.

Upon being appointed peace manager, Mancuso said that he had taken his commitment seriously, both with the victims, with the country and with Justice.
Without opposition from the Prosecutor’s Office

Earlier, the Colombian Attorney General’s Office stated that it “does not oppose” Mancuso’s release, because he has already served the minimum eight-year sentence established by local legislation.

The victims’ lawyers spoke along the same lines, although they conditioned their support on the former paramilitary commander continuing to cooperate with the authorities and making progress in the economic reparation of the debtors with the assets that the State has seized from him. With RT

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