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11 reasons why drinking beer is good for you and doesn’t make you fat

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11 reasons why drinking beer is good for you and doesn’t make you fat

Beer, and you know what you drink: drinking beer is good for you and as well as for the pleasure of sipping a blonde (but also a red or a dark one), they are at least there 11 reasons to drink a beer a day. Here they are.

1. Drinking beer is good for you and doesn’t make you fat

100 ml of beer contains 43 kcal (around 130 for a 33 cl can), even 17 for the so-called alcohol-free ones. For example, the same quantity of whiskey has 238 kcal, red wine 75 kcal and grappa 235 kcal. In short, much less than others

and alcoholic beverages. Which means that if you have an active lifestyle, you can indulge in a beer without regrets.

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2. Beer is good for you because it helps replenish fluids after a workout

When you have finished playing sports you need to rehydrate and replenish your lost energy. Beer is made up of 93% water, and contains mineral salts, amino acids, B vitamins and antioxidants. In short, not a barrel, but a can, do it without problems.

3. Beer has little calcium and a lot of magnesium

Which means that one glass a day protects you from the risk of kidney stones.

4. Beer increases the level of HDL cholesterol in the blood

And HDL cholesterol is the good one, which reduces the risk of coronary heart disease: one glass a day is enough to increase the protection factor.

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5. Beer keeps ulcers and gastritis away

You know the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori? It is the primary culprit of stomach ulcers and is a risk factor for stomach cancer. And luckily he doesn’t really like beer.

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6. Beer is rich in antioxidants

Thanks to malt and hops: drink a beer and they increase. And you know well that antioxidants slow down the aging of cells. That is, they keep you young.

7. Beer is a source of silicon

In Silicon Valley they make computers, in beer however silicon is found in water and barley, and by improving the mineral density of bones it also improves health. That’s why women should drink a beer too. And then silicon also helps reduce the onset of Parkinson’s disease.

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8. Beer contains vitamin B12

This vitamin, which helps the functioning of the nervous system, is mostly found in foods of animal origin. So, for example, if you follow a vegetarian diet, you can stock up on it by drinking beer.

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9. Beer also contains other B vitamins

That is, in addition to B12, it also has vitamins B6 and B9, which help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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10. Beer is rich in fiber

It is produced with barley, which is rich in soluble fibre: two glasses of beer contain around 10% of the daily fiber requirement, and the fibers help the regular functioning of the intestine, give a sense of satiety and regulate blood sugar.

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11. Beer is good for you because it’s exciting

This is more a statistical fact than a scientific fact: according to one in three women and one in two men, a beer a day would increase desire. Which might be a nice way to celebrate regardless.

PS: Don’t overdo it and drink responsibly: alcohol and sport don’t always go together.
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