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Fourth architectural ‘jewel’ in the Historic Center of Santa Marta

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Fourth architectural ‘jewel’ in the Historic Center of Santa Marta

On Tumbacuatro Street (19th) between Third and Fourth Streets (pedestrian), We found a building with a modern façade and a very good appearance, but its owner did not take into account that this causes great damage to that sector of the city that is governed by a Special Plan approved by the Ministry of Culture the same one that establishes that any modification that is going to be made to a façade must have the approval of that ministerial portfolio, and based on this the Curatorship could eventually issue a permit.

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This is what we will call ‘the fourth architectural jewel’ presents irregularities according to the requirements of the national order which consists of preserving the characteristics of cultural heritage and historical urbanism. Like every Wednesday, we continue to insist on drawing the attention of the authorities, since this construction, like the previous three, was surely not subjected to a review process by the Urban Curatorship and District Planning, to ensure a better appearance of the Historic Center, one of the most visited by locals and visitors. Are the Curatories demanding permission from MinCultura for these nonsense to be carried out?

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