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Italy women, Sweden causes controversy for the match in Castel di Sangro – breaking latest news

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Italy women, Sweden causes controversy for the match in Castel di Sangro – breaking latest news

New coach Andrea Soncin’s Italy surrendered in the Nations League to number one ranked Sweden. The match was played in Castel di Sangro in front of a few spectators, the Scandinavians were angry: More animals than people were seen

Five days ago, in Gothenburg, Sweden (number one in the ranking and third in the last World Cup) started their Nations League with reigning champion Spain in front of 20 thousand spectators at the Gamla Ullevi stadium, packed to the last seat. A decidedly more evocative theater than the Teofilo Patini in Castel di Sangro, which hosts the matches of the football team of the same name (Eccellenza, fifth series) and which does not have more than 7,200 seats. Despite this, it was chosen as the venue for yesterday’s match between Italy and the Scandinavians and there were just 3000 people in the stands. Not the best for a national team like Sweden which, accustomed to very different stages, rebelled against this decision even before kick-off.

Few spectators despite the free tickets

We deserve a different scenario, a different place, what I seriously think — Linda seemsant, Juventus defender, thundered — the hours are also good, but the location is not. There are no connections with trains or other means other than private cars, and this makes an incredible difference in bringing people to the stadium. A concept also reiterated by his black and white teammate, Amanda Nilden: I’ve never heard of Castel di Sangro, but I believe that a big match like this should be played in a bigger city, to have more fans to support them. Finally, former Juve player Lina Hurtig, now at Arsenal: Free tickets? We’ll see if they can attract someone here, otherwise the environment will be very boring.

More respect for Italy’s women

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On the pitch, Sweden then had to work hard to beat Andrea Soncin’s Italy, in his second match as coach after the success of his debut against Switzerland. If the Italians were dominated at the World Cup (the final result was 5-0), in the Nations League things were very different, with Manuela Giugliano also hitting the post and thus coming close to equalizing (Kaneryd’s goal in the 14th minute was decisive). After the match, the Swedish Kosovare Asllani – a true icon with almost 400 thousand followers who plays for Milan and has always been courted by the most prestigious brands – wanted to underline the concept: We must criticize the Italian federation, which decided to play here in the middle of the woods. I saw more animals than people. It should pay homage to its women’s team and put it in a bigger stadium to attract as many people as possible. If on the field Andrea Soncin’s new direction seems to have started off on the right foot, off the field there is evidently still a lot to work on.

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