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Friuli and the world of traditions: Avostanis reopens its laboratory

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Friuli and the world of traditions: Avostanis reopens its laboratory

UDINE. “Un paìs no me” is the awareness of a change, the irreparable end of a world, the peasant one, and the affirmation of a society with a consumerist dictatorship in which Pier Paolo Pasolini does not recognize himself and with respect to which he feels a stranger. The society has changed as well as the sense of belonging to one’s own land that is perhaps no longer one’s own has changed. The aga from the “me paìs” of the 1941 verse becomes the aga of a “paìs no me” in 1974. This is the emblematic title of the 31st edition of Avostanis. A rich and important program that will run until 28 October, under the artistic direction of Federico Rossi. For the centenary of Pasolini’s birth, the Colonos continue a path of rediscovery of the poet’s thought and work that marks the history of the cultural association since its origin.

Avostanis opens with “Jo (no) sai”, inauguration of the site-specific work of the artist Maria Elisabetta Novello by Angelo Bertani on Saturday at 9 pm, followed by Brindisi Nonino. “I know,” Pasolini writes. But his declared thought now takes on a “no” in parentheses. In a complex world, where everything is filtered and obscured, the artist intends to urge the desire to see, inviting the viewer, to move among the installations created in the Colonos farmyard with precarious elements such as dust and light. Art as a sharing of experience, interaction with the work, a fusion of space, time, subject and gesture.

The August program includes other important meetings starting from Monday 8 to 21 when it will be possible to relive an epochal event in the cultural history of the Colonos and Friuli. We will return to that August 25, 1996 when in the farmyard of Villacaccia was staged “I Turcs tal Friúl” directed by Elio De Capitani.

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The video-documentary of that event, remastered on the fortieth anniversary of Pasolini’s death and broadcast on Rai5 in 2015, will be screened in its full version in the yard where it came to life as a sort of Greek tragedy or sacred representation. The video is directed by Remigio Romano under the supervision of Elio De Capitani. In collaboration with the Elfo Puccini theater, it will be presented by Federico Rossi, Angelo Battel and the director with video interviews with Elio De Capitani.

Thursday 11 August at 9 pm we will listen to “La musine dai cjants” by Lino Straulino. New songs that come from the oldest Friulian tradition. A conference-concert in which the new CD-book will be presented, the result of a long research on the founding elements of the villotta to give life to a new musical season of popular song. At the Colonos di Villacaccia the guitar and voice of Lino Straulino and Alvise Nodale will intertwine and the voice of Marisa Scuntaro.

More music on Thursday 18 August at 9 pm with the Braul group in concert presenting the preview of the new work. “Metûts in musiche” is the title of the event that refers to the artistic operation underlying the project.

Giving a voice to the stories, the books of our land or our land, translating them into music. If the passage from literature to screenplay is possible for a film, perhaps it is also permissible for a musical transposition.

The appointment with the projects from the Friuli creative yard returns, which will be previewed at the Colonos on Tuesday 23 August at 9 pm in “Provis viertis di culture furlane”. Federico Rossi and Giulio Pagotto will present ideas in progress with Gabriella Bucco and Matteo Mazzolini, Piero Petrucco, Graziano Tilatti, Fabien Marques and Marta Tasso, Maris Sebastian Croatto, Hamza and Giulio Ghirardini, Fabiano Fantini, Claudio Moretti, Elvio Scruzzi and Martina Delpiccolo. Among the projects, the laboratory for the new European Bauhaus, with local elements, the exhibition event of the Thirty Years without Birra Moretti, a degree thesis-docufilm on an illegal immigrant from our territory, a Friulian company in the international market which presents itself as a benefit company with a social mission, an artisan workshop for the transmission of work by hand and the launch of the new show by the most popular Friulian theater group.

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Sunday 28 August at 5.30 pm “La Morteana. Part dal fantat ”taken from a comedy by Pier Paolo Pasolini directed by Massimo Somaglino with Klaus Martini, Valentina Saggin (also author of the choreographies), Anna Savanellli, Andrea Rizzo. Songs and music performed by Mirko Cisilino, Laura Giavon and Giorgio Parisi. The show, born from a project promoted by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Casarsa, will be introduced by Fabio Cristante.

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