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From Tarantino to Tim Burton: in Rome the Festival for the “rebirth” of Cinema

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The intent of the 2021 Rome Film Festival, scheduled from 14 to 24 October, is clear from the official poster. The choice of Uma Thurman, in the role of the Bride in Kill Bill, is “the symbol of a true restart: the charming blonde looking for a revenge who hides the katana under the seat and pushes the accelerator hard to get us all back together. in the dining room “. Word of Laura Delli Colli, president of the Fondazione Cinema per Roma, who thus presents the sixteenth edition of the Capitoline kermesse, the seventh by Antonio Monda artistic director, the second of the Covid era. The protagonists of the 11 days of previews, screenings, special events will in fact be green passes and masks. Together with the films and characters expected on the red carpet (with the public confined to the Cavea). Starting with Quentin Tarantino and Tim Burton, both awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The numbers of the Festival

The 2021 edition also promises to be rich: 5 pre-openings, a Restoration (We had loved each other so much by Ettore Scola), five tributes, 1 retrospective of 13 titles, 7 Films of our life, 10 Social and environmental events, 26 Other events of the Festival. And then 23 titles (including fictional features and documentaries) admitted to the official selection that will compete for the Fs Audience Award.
Among these there is also an Italian Girl returned- L’Arminuta by Giuseppe Bonito, with Sofia Fiore, Carlotta De Leonardis, Vanessa Scalera, who tells the story of a thirteen-year-old girl who was returned to the family in which she was born, who, when she was a few months old, sold her to wealthy cousins ​​who lived in the city.
In total, 22 directors will be involved, 23 countries represented including some new entries such as Kosovo or the Dominican Republic.

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The opening and closing films

The Capitoline event will be opened The eyes of Tammy Faye, by Michael Showalter, which includes in the cast the highly anticipated Andrew Garfield and Jessica Chastain, who will also baptize the catwalk on the Red carpet on October 14th. No direct contact with the public who will be able to admire their favorites from afar, taking a seat (by reservation) in the Cavea. Reservation that will be used, together with the green pass, to participate in the screenings and all the other events of the Festival. Until Sunday 24 October when it will be screened Ethernals, who tries to keep together the roar of the Marvel Comics superheroes with the stylistic rigor of Chloé Zhao, Golden Lion in Venice in 2020 with Nomadland (a film also awarded with three Oscars).

The highlight of the event

The presence of two names of international caliber of Quentin Tarantino and Tm Burton, both protagonists of a close encounter, speaks volumes about the ambitions of the artistic director Antonio Monda. “In addition to the undoubted prestige of the two names in question – he highlights – I would like to underline that, like every year, they come to Rome without having any films in promotion, but solely for the prestige achieved in recent years by the Film Festival”. It is he himself, as on other occasions, who provides advice for viewing: «among the many titles I want to mention Passing, C’mon C’mon e Muhammad Ali, in which not only the extraordinary and inimitable champion is told, but above all the man, capable of controversial but also heroic acts ». noteworthy, for football fans, is the Swedish I am Zlatan on the growth and training of the forty-year-old AC Milan champion, Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Beyond the Auditorium

As always, there are many initiatives to bring the event even outside the official headquarters, the Auditorium Parco della Musica: “We will also go to Rebibbia, we will also bring the party to the hospital thanks to the collaboration with the Gemelli Polyclinic, there are initiatives throughout the city, we turn on the screens almost everywhere. Above all, we want to rekindle, especially among young people, the desire to return to the cinema “, explains Delli Colli, revealing that” this year’s budget is 4 million and 165 thousand euros, half a million more than in 2020 “. Another sign of that rebirth of Italian cinema also hoped for by Minister Dario Franceschini.

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