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Fuel prices “explode” the meeting of the Finance Committee

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Fuel prices “explode” the meeting of the Finance Committee
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Hespress – Sukaina Al SadeghiTuesday, March 21, 2023 – 17:06

The fuel file and the topic devoted to the discussion related to the continued rise in Moroccan food prices sparked the debate within the Finance and Economic Development Committee of the House of Representatives.

The discussion turned into a war of words and an exchange of accusations between the opposition and the majority, and between the opposition and the chairman of the committee. Al-Santisi, the head of the movement’s team, accused the committee of being afraid to include the issue of high fuel prices in the discussion, while deputies from the majority rejected this accusation, and demanded that the committee’s chairman adhere to the agenda.

Sentissi said that the issue of fuel is linked to the issue of rising prices, adding: “The issue is different from Kangabadu, and the issue of fuel is jumping,” refusing to limit the discussion to “what the government says about speculators and intermediaries.”

He continued, “If we do not discuss Russia’s fuel file, and the real reasons for the high prices, there is no need for us to discuss tomatoes and speculators, as this matter is known and the government must do the necessary to monitor the markets.”

For her part, Yasmine Lemghour, a member of the National Rally of Independents party, accused Sentissi of trying to confuse the government and obstruct the work of Parliament.

In response to the opposition’s request to postpone the meeting due to what it considered a misjudgment of the time of its convening because the deputies were absent, she said to Maghour: “Those who are absent bear their responsibility.

For his part, Mohamed Ghayath, head of the assembly team, called for taking into account the requests submitted by the opposition, and not delaying in responding to them.

The committee chairman was forced to adjourn the session until calm returned.

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