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Funa: This slime from Henriette Wamu who cannot reach the “eagle” Christelle Vuanga – Capsud.net

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Funa: This slime from Henriette Wamu who cannot reach the “eagle” Christelle Vuanga – Capsud.net

The Legitimacy Crisis has always been a poison that is slowly killing the Democratic Republic of Congo. If the land of the future thought more than 60 years ago by Lumumba is today a jungle whose corruption and insecurity have become a way of life, it is because of incompetent leaders who use mafia means to access important functions. This, to the detriment of intelligent, serious and honest Congolese.

Since 2006, the DRC has become the scene of chaotic legislative elections where, sometimes, the real elected officials are not proclaimed by the CENI and the judicial authorities.

In 2023, the Independent National Electoral Commission led by Denis Kadima decided to change paradigms by fighting against anti-values. This is what led to the invalidation of more than eighty deputy candidates responsible for ballot stuffing, corruption and electoral fraud.

Despite this new momentum triggered by Denis Kadima and his men, certain authorities have remained, for their part, in the old methods which consist of appointing deputies in exchange for greenbacks.

According to the information we have, Henriette Wamu, one of the candidates rejected by the population following her political infertility and involved in electoral incivility, would be cleared of all her sins. And would venture to confiscate the seat of the honorable Christelle Vuanga, one of the cream of intellectuals and rising stars of the Congolese political scene.

« Ms. Henriette Wamu, a deputy appointed several times by the former constitutional court, does not lose her temper.
This time, it is our headquarters that she wants to confiscate through corruption as usual. Falsification of the minutes, withdrawal of the CENI decision from the file, in short, she knows it perfectly. Mother I know it hurts you to see young people evolve but tour oyo nako beta yo toro toro
« , alert Christelle Vuanga.

Faced with these threats, Christelle Vuanga’s detractors must know that “there is justice from God”. This justice which is above all justices will undoubtedly justify the servant of the people.

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Arthur Bitambi

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