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Government confirms that it will not prohibit mobility platforms

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Government confirms that it will not prohibit mobility platforms

The Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Reyes, and the head of the Labor Ministry, Gloria Inés Ramírez, met with José Daniel López, director of Alianza In, the first Guild of Applications and Innovation in the country, and different representatives of drivers and application users. , the above, to reach a consensus regarding their regulation.

The foregoing, given that a proposal for a bill on the sanctioning regime for transport had been revealed, which sought to prohibit mobility platforms and impose fines on those who use them. This generated an alert among the actors involved, who requested a space for dialogue. On the other hand, the representative of the taxi drivers in Colombia, Hugo Ospina, said that if the applications were not prohibited, they would strike throughout the country.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, February 1, a consensus was reached regarding the controversial bill.

There were three most relevant conclusions that the meeting left and that the Ministry of Transport shared:

1. The process of socialization, construction and consultation of the Draft Law on the Penalty Regime for Transportation will continue., which will only be presented for consideration by the Congress of the Republic, once it is agreed and a consensus is obtained with all the actors; To this end, public hearings will be held in various regions of the country.

2. The Ministry of Transportation will maintain and promote the National Board with the Taxi-type individual transportation service union, so that in a maximum term of two months, the adjustments to the public policy that strengthen their current conditions are built.

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3. The Ministry of Transport, accompanied by the Ministries of Labor and ICTs, will initiate a Roundtable in order to build a public policy on the use of platforms in transportin its different modalities, in which the representatives of all the actors (direct and indirect) will participate, for the construction of solutions that contribute to the improvement of the service to the users, guaranteeing in any case, the fundamental rights of all.

José Daniel López, president of Alianza In commented on this: “GOOD NEWS for work, technology and the freedom to choose! In a meeting with the Government and drivers who use platforms, we agreed: 1 The filing of the SuperTransportation bill is SUSPENDED, until there is no consensus on apps “.

With this, it is confirmed that mobility applications will not be prohibited for the moment, therefore, the Government promised to work to achieve a consensus and define once and for all, the regulation of transport platforms, which has not been finalized for five years.

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