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Guangxi launches “point-to-point” special trains and about 10,000 migrant workers return to work – China News Service

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Guangxi launches “point-to-point” special trains to help migrant workers return to work

On February 15th, the sixth day of the first lunar month, Guangxi launched a “point-to-point” special train service to help migrant workers return to work. As the Spring Festival holiday was still ongoing, the province ran 169 special trains to assist about 10,000 migrant workers in resuming work.

Guangxi is focusing on stabilizing employment and promoting production to ensure a strong start to the economy in the first quarter. Labor service activities were initiated in key industrial parks, and several cities including Hechi, Qinzhou, Beihai, Fangchenggang, and Chongzuo organized “point-to-point” labor delivery services on the same day.

The first “point-to-point” special train departed from Hechi West Station, transporting over 600 local migrant workers to an industrial park in Nanning City. Upon arrival at Nanning East Railway Station, the workers were greeted by staff from the Nanning Human Resources and Social Security Department, who presented them with greetings and fruit souvenirs.

The Guangxi Human Resources and Social Security Department revealed that this year, the province will focus on serving the real economy and promoting industrial revitalization, especially in the manufacturing industry. About 500 special cars and trains are expected to operate during the Spring Festival travel rush, assisting around 30,000 migrant workers in returning to work, including approximately 25,000 workers in key industrial parks.

Hechi City, located in the northwest border of Guangxi, is known for its high concentration of migrant workers. The city has organized special trains to transport workers free of charge to various industrial parks in Guangxi and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, to facilitate their return to work.

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This initiative reflects Guangxi’s commitment to supporting employment and production, underscoring the province’s efforts to ensure a smooth transition back to work for migrant workers following the Spring Festival holiday.

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