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Heavy responsibilities: Is it invalid to replace the new vaccine Sinopharm Kexing inactivated vaccine? | Three-injection vaccine | Sinopharm

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[Epoch Times, August 15, 2021]On August 13, Guangzhou City held a press conference, stating that from that day, citizens of Guangzhou can be vaccinated with recombinant neocoronavirus vaccine (CHO cell, CCP vaccine), which is usually called three injections vaccine. This is after Guangzhou’s emergency suspension of vaccination on May 31st, the vaccination was resumed and the vaccine was replaced.

This news at least confirms that the previously vaccinated Sinopharm and Kexing inactivated vaccines in Guangzhou are ineffective. If it works, it won’t be replaced with a three-dose vaccine. This also confirmed that what the Guangzhou Municipal Government said at the May 31 press conference was a lie. At that time, it was said that the reason for the emergency cessation of vaccination was that the vaccination site was overcrowded and to reduce viral infections. This is obviously to cover up the fact that Sinopharm and Kexing’s inactivated vaccines are ineffective.

In fact, there are many cities where the inactivated vaccines of Sinopharm and Kexing can be proved to be ineffective. For example, after Guangzhou, epidemics broke out in Nanjing, Yangzhou, Zhengzhou and other places. The measures taken by these three cities are the same as Guangzhou, which is to urgently stop vaccination, then organize large-scale nucleic acid testing, and then the local government Lie like the Guangzhou government.

In fact, these lies of the government are easy to see through. Just imagine, if the vaccine is really effective, should the vaccine be continued in an orderly manner when an epidemic breaks out? The emergency stop of the vaccine does not mean that the vaccine not only cannot prevent infection, but may also cause infection due to incomplete inactivation?

Speaking of the ineffectiveness of Chinese vaccines, it is not groundless. Looking at the starting point of this wave of epidemic, Nanjing Lukou Airport, the vaccination rate of airport personnel exceeds 90%. According to Yang Yi, an expert in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia and director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine of Zhongda Hospital, most of these cases have been vaccinated, and only one case of a young person under the age of 18 has not been vaccinated. People who have been vaccinated like this are still infected in large areas. Can the vaccine be effective?

In addition, examples of deaths caused by vaccination are also disclosed from time to time. According to Free Asia reports, a 59-year-old man surnamed Liu died in Zhangjiagang City after being compulsorily vaccinated. His daughter asked for help online and was soon “stability maintained” by the authorities. There was a migrant worker from Nanning who was vaccinated on July 15 and became ill on the same day and was sent to Nanning Second Hospital for treatment. Died on August 7. Because his family had nowhere to ask for help, they could only raise a placard at the entrance of the hospital to call for grievances.

There are many such incidents in China. A staff member of the Chinese Communist Party’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed to Free Asia that there are indeed many cases involving adverse reactions to domestic vaccines. Many people are vaccinated in the morning and admitted to the ICU in the afternoon. However, these things cannot be on the domestic news.

There are even more scandals of Chinese vaccines abroad. In Seychelles, Chile, Bahrain and Mongolia, 50% to 68% of the population has been vaccinated, with coverage exceeding that of the United States. However, as of June, these four countries are all ranked among the 10 most severely affected countries in the world. Because these four countries are mainly vaccinated with the vaccines of Sinopharm and Kexing. In the United States during the same period, approximately 45% of the population was vaccinated, most of which were vaccinated by Pfizer and Moderna. The number of cases dropped by 94% in six months.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore no longer recognizes China‘s Kexing vaccine. Thailand announced that it will mix Coxing and AstraZeneca vaccines instead of two injections of Coxing vaccine. For those who have completed two injections of Kexing, another different vaccine will be injected to enhance the effect. Indonesia announced that it will inject Modena boosters into medical staff who have been vaccinated with Koxing vaccine. Malaysia said it will switch to Pfizer vaccine.

In Europe, Italian Prime Minister Draghi publicly stated that from Chile’s experience, the protection of the Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine is insufficient. The German Ministry of the Interior stated that foreign travelers to Germany must complete two doses of COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days in advance. China‘s vaccine is not included in the vaccine list. The French Health Pass expands the scope of use, and does not recognize the Chinese Communist Party vaccine. The European Union launched its vaccine passport on July 1, and does not recognize the Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine.

Needless to say in the United States, the United States is holding the CCP accountable for the source of the virus and covering up the losses caused by the epidemic to the world.

Why is a vaccine that performs so poorly at home and abroad, but it is so popular in China and more than 90 poor, backward and corrupt countries? There is a word behind this: Li.

Looking through the history of these vaccine manufacturers in China, which one is not related to the interests of the invisible top senior official family? Looking at China’s free vaccination policy, all costs are borne by the medical insurance fund and the state finances. This is like establishing a channel between the state treasury and the government and businessmen, so that the people’s hard-working tax money is continuously flowing into the pockets of the government and businessmen.

In this process, corruption in Chinese society runs through from top to bottom. The Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, which produces vaccines for Sinopharm, has been sued twice by the victims and paid some US$71,500 in compensation to the victims; there is also the Changchun Institute of Biological Products, which is inseparable from Changchun Changsheng. Changchun Changsheng sells fake rabies vaccines, which victimizes countless families and is punished to go bankrupt and shut down a black-hearted enterprise.

Beijing Kexing Biotechnology has also been found in a bribery scandal. Yin Weidong, the general manager of Kexing Biotechnology Co., Ltd., paid nearly $50,000 to an official in charge of drug evaluation from 2002 to 2014 to help the company obtain drug approval. The officials who accepted the bribe were arrested, but Kexing was at large. Yin Weidong is now the CEO of the company.

There are many pharmaceutical companies like Sinopharm and Kexing in China, but Sinopharm and Kexing are just the tip of the iceberg. China‘s vaccines come from such companies, and the quality and effects of vaccines can be imagined. The sad thing is that only the people are the ones who really suffer. To get you vaccinated, you have to get vaccinated. You have to fight whichever you want to fight. The people don’t have any right to know, to choose, and to make decisions. As for whether it is alive or dead after the vaccine is given, then it has to be resigned.

At present, the poison of the Chinese Communist Party’s vaccine has just begun to appear. According to the latest official report from the Communist Party of China, China‘s domestic vaccination has reached 1.8 billion doses, and China has provided more than 700 million doses of vaccines abroad, and will continue to provide them in the future. What kind of disaster this huge amount of vaccine will bring to the Chinese people and the people of the world is really worrying.

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