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here’s how to defend yourself from heat waves

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here’s how to defend yourself from heat waves

The Italian Red Cross has put online a series of tips that are part of the #Effetroterra campaign.

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The scorching temperatures of these days are testing everyone’s resistance and especially the health of the elderly, sick and young children. To defend against the hot weather in Italy, the Italian Red Cross has put online a decalogue with basic rules for dealing with heat waves. A series of tips that are part of the campaign #eartheffect.

The Decalogue of the Red Cross

1) Go out only in the cooler hours of the day and if possible attends parks and wooded areas. The presence of vegetation lowers the temperature by several degrees.
2) If you leave the house, take a water bottle with you and verify that they are on the path fountains. There are many ‘apps’ that can help you find them.
3) Always carry a hat and sunscreen.
4) In the heat, the body needs fewer calories: consume small and light meals, prefer fruit and vegetables. A diet that is good for the heat and for the planet.
5) If you don’t have a conditioner or you want to limit its use, keep your home environments fresh by keeping windows and shutters closed during the day and opening them in the evening. If you use the air conditioner, do not exceed 5 degrees of difference with the outside. While, if you use a fan remember not to point it directly at you or other people.
6) Drink plenty of water and avoid alcoholic beverages which increase dehydration. Remember that tap or fountain water has a lower environmental impact.
7) Don’t neglect clothing: loose fitting dresses and light fabricsnatural and light in color can help you regulate body temperature.
8) Before setting off on the road, consult the forecast and prepare in advance.
9) Did you know that the women, the elderly and children are more susceptible to heat waves? Protect them from health risks by following our advice and, when there are peaks of high temperatures, make sure they are fine.
10) If you experience any of these symptoms it could be a heat stroke: breathlessness, chest pain, confusion, weakness, dizziness, or cramps. Near medical assistance and, in an emergency, call 112 or 118

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