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How is the behavior of drivers on the roads of Cali?

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How is the behavior of drivers on the roads of Cali?

The Santiago de Cali roads became a common setting for a large part of their drivers do not respect established speed limits.

Lack of consideration of a high percentage of those who move in their vehicles through the streets of the Valle del Cauca capital, that puts the road safety of citizens at risk.

According to road risk factors from Johns Hopkins University, an ally of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety (BIGRS), 48% of drivers in the capital of the Valley disrespects the posted speed limit.

These results were presented within the framework of the ‘Seventh United Nations Global Road Safety Week’, which is commemorated every two years in May

“The study shows us that there is an excess of speed in the streets, that the perception on the roads is different. The measurements were made during the day and it is most probable that at night this speeding exceeds 50% of the vehicles that transit. The speed limit in all urban areas is 50 km/h; then all roads in Cali that have 60 km/h signs must be reduced to 50. Modification patterns must also be changed, through camera devices, to adjust to these new maximum limits set forth in the law, strictly compliance at the national level”, said William Vallejo, Secretary of District Mobility.

Major Offenders:

1. 53% of motorcyclists do not respect the speed limit.

2. Taxi drivers were the second most speeding users, with a proportion of 46%.

Offending users exceed the speed, especially on roads of 30 km/h. Three out of four drivers exceeded this limit.

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In the case of 50 km/h roads, the proportion of drivers who drove excessively fast was 16%.

Data to keep in mind:

• In 2022, 327 people died in Cali, 53% motorcyclists, 97% vulnerable road users.

• Only 84% of motorcyclists wore their helmet properly and fastened.

• The correct use of a protective helmet can reduce the risk of death by 42% and the probability of serious head injuries by 69%, in the event of a traffic accident.

• 85% of drivers in Cali use the seatbelt correctly. Its use among rear seat passengers was generally low, particularly in taxis (8%).


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