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In Cesar, 1,700 uniformed officers protect travelers

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In Cesar, 1,700 uniformed officers protect travelers

In the application of the different plans and controls to guarantee security, the Cesar Police will implement different measures that contribute to the normal development of the plan, exodus and return that lead to all citizens having a normal and safe return to their places of destination. .

All technical capabilities will be deployed to prevent impacts on security and mobility, for which 1,700 uniformed personnel have been made available in all their specialties.

The Transit and Transportation section will have 250 police officers and all the necessary logistics to control and prevent situations when entering and leaving the department, with the use of speed cameras, breathalyzers, vehicles such as patrol cars and motorcycles.

Likewise, an awareness group made up of four officials who will carry out road education work to avoid at all costs carrying out overtaking maneuvers in prohibited places

In the Cesar Police Department, different pedagogical and control actions have been developed to educate drivers and passengers of inter-municipal public service buses about the risks involved in maneuvering on the roads. While drivers are told the correct way to make their trips.


Eduardo Esquivel, Secretary of the Government of Cesar, reported that 17 strategic points have been installed throughout the department, starting in the municipality of San Alberto, in addition to the Ruta del Sol, which includes Curumaní, Pailitas, La Mata and its adjacencies. Also the Bosconia-Valledupar road, entrance to Pueblo Bello, route to Manaure and townships in the north of the department capital.

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The call to travelers is not to drive while intoxicated, take active breaks, comply with traffic regulations, and do not exceed speed limits.

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