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Inner Mongolia’s 2024 “Spring Breeze Action” launching ceremony and large-scale job fair were held in Baotou City – Employment – China Engineering Network

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Inner Mongolia’s 2024 “Spring Breeze Action” launching ceremony and large-scale job fair were held in Baotou City

Baotou Daily News (Reporter Cui Yan) Spring comes early for people who are diligent, and employment is more heart-warming. In order to meet the employment needs of workers and the needs of enterprises to resume production after the Spring Festival, and make every effort to stabilize employment, maintain employment, and promote development, on February 21, hosted by the Autonomous Region Human Resources and Social Security Department and the Municipal Government, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the launching ceremony of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region’s 2024 “Spring Breeze Action” and the large-scale job fair in Baotou City hosted by the Jiuyuan District People’s Government were held at Jiuyuan District Wanda Plaza.

The theme of this event is “Spring Breeze Brings Jobs to Promote Employment, and Precision Services Help Development”. With the goal of increasing people’s livelihood and well-being through employment, promoting enterprise development by ensuring employment, and increasing market confidence, this event is carried out simultaneously using a combined online and offline model. Special areas such as “On-site Recruitment”, “Live Broadcast Job Instruction” and “Employment Policy Presentation” were set up at the event site. A total of nearly 130 companies and more than 5,700 positions were recruited, covering production and manufacturing, Internet technology, service industry and other fields, which can meet the needs of different age groups. Candidates with different professional abilities can be employed locally and nearby.

The recruitment site was crowded. Many people came to inquire at the booth of Baotou JA Solar Technology Co., Ltd. Qiao Xinli, the company’s human resources specialist, said: “This time we are mainly recruiting for front-line operator positions, and it is expected to recruit 100-200 people. After the Spring Festival, the company has a relatively large employment gap, and everyone’s enthusiasm for job hunting is also relatively high. Holding such a job fair will help our company find much-needed talent.”

Citizen Yang Qian came to attend the job fair early in the morning after learning about it on the public account. “After the Spring Festival, there are job fairs that bring together many companies, which are very helpful to us job seekers. Today, many companies have positions that I want to apply for, and I have submitted my applications to several companies I like, hoping to get hired.” Yang Qian said.

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Hao Xiaoyan, deputy director of the Baotou City Employment Service Center, said that this job fair provides a platform for job seekers and employers to choose from during the critical period when companies resume production after the Spring Festival. While providing more career opportunities for job seekers, it also meets the needs of job seekers. Enterprise employment needs help enterprises expand their scale and improve production efficiency. This recruitment activity will last until early April. During this period, public employment service agencies at all levels in Baotou City will launch hundreds of “large and comprehensive”, “specialized and refined” and “small but beautiful” online and offline recruitment activities.

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