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ITAIPU transfers to the Paraguayan State in the first quarter about USD 134 million by Annex C • RADIO NACIONAL

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In the first quarter of 2024, ITAIPU Binacional injected the Paraguayan State with a total of USD 134 million for royalties, energy transfer and payments to the National Electricity Administration (ANDE).

The Binacional highlights that these resources, contemplated in Annex C of the Treaty, are essential so that governorates, municipalities and the state electricity company can carry out essential works for the benefit of the population.

It mentions that according to the report of the Financial Directorate of the Entity, from January to March of this year, USD 71.5 million were transferred in royalties and USD 57 million for the transfer of energy to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

While the National Electricity Administration received a total of USD 5.5 million in compensation for administration and supervision charges.

He adds that regarding only the Binacional disbursements in March of this year, the royalty transfer reached USD 25 million, while USD 14 million were injected for the transfer of energy. In turn, ANDE received USD 2 million; Thus, the Entity’s remittances totaled USD 41 million in the third month.

Also, it states that a part of the royalties is allocated to finance the expenses of the General Budget of the Nation (PGN) and another important portion is transferred by the National Treasury to the departmental and municipal governments. ITAIPU contributions through Annex C help departmental governments and municipalities for the development of programs, investments and essential works; such as school snacks, school renovations, health centers, road infrastructure, among others.

Finally, it mentions that in the specific case of compensation for energy transfer, the resources are incorporated into the National Fund for Public Investment and Development (Fonacide) and are also distributed to municipalities and governorates, as established by national legislation. Likewise, ITAIPU payments to ANDE allow the public company to have guaranteed and predictable funds, in order to fulfill its investment plans, in order to provide quality electricity service throughout the national territory.

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