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JEP will hold a single hearing to contribute to the truth of Rodrigo Tovar Pupo

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JEP will hold a single hearing to contribute to the truth of Rodrigo Tovar Pupo

The Situation Definition Chamber of the JEP summoned Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, known as ‘Jorge 40’, to a single full truth hearing to prove that in his capacity as a former paramilitary commander he was incorporated into the public force to set up the armed group at the service of the state.

In this public proceeding, which will take place on January 26 and 27 in Ibagué, (Tolima), Tovar Pupo must demonstrate with a high evidentiary standard the quality of subject functionally and materially incorporated into the public force, based on his behavior as hinge or point of contact between the official apparatus and the paramilitaries.

The latter not only for operational purposes, but also for the flow of information and intelligence, the delivery of weapons and equipment, logistical support, transfer of economic resources, among others. Tovar must also demonstrate his possible maximum responsibility for the macrocriminal patterns carried out jointly with the regular armed forces, under the leadership modality.

In accordance with the provisions of the Appeals Section, in Auto TP-SA 1187 of 2022, the participation of the victims in this unique hearing to contribute to the truth will be as listeners. As long as Tovar Pupo does not advance in the contributions to the full truth and its verification, they will not be recognized as victims nor will the dialogic procedure begin, in order to avoid generating actions with harm or false expectations.

During this hearing, Tovar Pupo is obliged to:

1. Demonstrate that he was incorporated functionally and materially into the military function of the State, which will eventually allow him to appear before the JEP for the macrocriminal patterns perpetrated in conjunction with the public force

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2. Thoroughly address their intervention in the armed conflict and the nature of their participation and, at least, cover the questions formulated by the Appeals Section in Auto TP SA 1187 of 2022.

3. Supply full truth.

4. Clarify doubts regarding the personal factor of competence and define since when he was a member of the organized armed group.

Once this procedure is completed, the JEP’s Chamber for the Definition of Legal Situations must carry out a verification process. If this single full truth hearing is successful, and the truth contributions offered by Tovar Pupo are considered satisfactory, the dialogic process with the victims will begin.

Additionally, the Chamber will decide on the acceptance of the submission to the JEP of Tovar Pupo and the procedure to follow.

Rodrigo Tovar Pupo is currently being held in the Picaleña Prison in Ibagué.

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