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Lanciano, Anpi reports broken Jewish family plate Grauer – Abruzzo

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Lanciano, Anpi reports broken Jewish family plate Grauer – Abruzzo

President Borrelli, ‘Municipalities restore or I will be a citizen’

(ANSA) – LANCIANO, JULY 01 – The Anpi section of Lanciano (Chieti) has reported the damage, by unknown vandals, of the plexiglass plaque affixed in memory of the Polish Jewish family Grauer who passed through Lanciano from Trieste, where they then resided arrested before being murdered in the concentration camp of Auschwitz, in 1944. In 1942 in Lanciano Tito was born, the second son, after Marco, born in 1940, of the carpenter Samuel and Rosa Grauer.

“Very serious outrage to the plaque that commemorates the Grauer family in Largo San Giovanni – denounces the president of the Anpi Maria Saveria Borrelli – The Anpi cannot keep silent about the serious act and has invited the municipal administration to restore it.

Otherwise the Anpi or I personally as a citizen will do it.

What happened doesn’t make sense. Lanciano, in 2019, also conferred honorary citizenship on Senator Liliana Segre”.

Even the stumbling blocks were placed in Lanciano for the Grauers. On January 30, 1944, in Milan, the Grauers were placed on a railway convoy on track 21 and on February 6, they arrived at the Auschwitz extermination camp. The two little brothers were killed on the same day in a gas chamber: Marco would have turned four after two days, while Tito was only two. After a short time, the parents also died. (HANDLE).

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