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Limana, the councilor Girardi leaves the majority

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“A painful decision, I have already explained it to the mayor De Zanet. But I no longer felt in line with this administration”

TO THE PORT. The municipal administration loses another piece: after Edi Fontana’s resignation, this time it is up to the councilor Samantha Girardi to leave the majority group “Oltre Limana”, thus officially putting her powers back in the hands of the mayor Milena De Zanet. Girardi, who until now had dealt with the school sector (which will pass to the councilor Stefano Bozzolla) will still remain within the council. On Friday, Girardi will notify the other members of the council, as will the first citizen De Zanet, who will formalize the reshuffle of the council with the related tasks. «My decision was painful», explains Samantha Girardi herself, «I reported the reasons to the mayor De Zanet. I no longer felt in line with this Administration and, consequently, I could not do otherwise ». Meanwhile, the minority councilors Matteo Troian, Luca De Toffol, Stefania Dalla Cort and Prisca Sponga express perplexity: «We are worried. What is happening inside the Administration? Does it go on normally or not? First Fontana, now also Girardi. From the next council, scheduled for Friday, we hope to understand more and that the first citizen will give us some answers on what is happening and on how its junta intends to move. Our community needs to be informed. In the event that satisfactory answers are not received from De Zanet, as a minority group we will undertake to ask for clarification ».

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