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Love beyond borders… Three international couple YouTube channels :: Sympathy Media Newsis News Agency ::

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Love beyond borders…  Three international couple YouTube channels :: Sympathy Media Newsis News Agency ::

Gurae Couple·Jinwoo and Hattie·Tomotomo

Popular for romance between couples and exposure to foreign cultures

Introducing short-form, travel, and daily vlogs

International couple YouTube channels where you can experience the sweet daily life of couples and various cultures are loved. (Photo = Tomotomo YouTube capture) *Resale and DB prohibited

With the activation of online video platforms, more people are sharing their lives.

They show private areas such as daily life, hobbies, jobs, and love, and provide opportunities to get to know others that you did not know well.

YouTube, TikTok, etc. are platforms that cover the whole world, so they are also a window to exchange with other cultures and see various ways of life.

Romance is a subject that always appears in dramas and movies.

The love between lovers, especially the stories of international couples who have crossed borders, has always been a subject of interest.

Recently, on YouTube, vlogs for international couples, where you can experience not only heartfelt romance but also various cultures, are gaining popularity.

They are recording a high number of views with their small sweetness in daily life and their playful short form. Introducing three representative international couple YouTubers.

old couple

The Gurae Couple is showing a high increase in the number of views and subscribers, enough to be called the hottest couple YouTuber recently.

A Korean male and Vietnamese female couple, they are active mainly on YouTube and TikTok.

As of June, he had 6.31 million YouTube subscribers and 6.6 million TikTok followers.

Based on short-form content that shows the daily life of couples, it is gaining popularity by showing mukbang and sigma memes.

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Sigma Meme Shorts has recorded an incredible 180 million views on YouTube. In addition to that, numerous videos have garnered over 100 million views.

Gurae Couple, who started working on TikTok in 2020, recorded 1 million YouTube subscribers in February.

Since then, it has grown rapidly, reaching 430,000 as of the fourth week of May and 420,000 as of the fifth week of May, showing a tremendous increase in the number of subscribers and ranking first in the overall rankings of Tube Guide.

The number of weekly views was also 337.13 million and 282.31 million, ranking second in the Tube Guide Weekly Views Ranking for two weeks in a row.

Jinwoo and Hattie

Jinwoo and Hattie, a couple between a Korean man and a British woman, are international YouTubers who are consistently loved.

Jinwoo and Hattie, who first met in 2019 and opened a channel in January 2020, got married in 2022 and bore fruit of love.

It is loved for its numerous contents, from everyday content to content that shows the cultural differences between Korea and the UK, and Sigma Meme Shorts, which have recently become popular worldwide on YouTube.

Jinwoo and Hattie, who surpassed 1 million subscribers in May 2021, are continuing to grow with 3.89 million subscribers as of June 2023. TikTok also has 3.01 million subscribers.

The sigma meme shorts that Jinwoo and Hattie made together with the world-famous creator Crazy Greppa recorded a whopping 200 million views.


Tomotomo is a Korean-Japanese international couple YouTube channel launched in 2019.

Tomotomo introduces the story of a Korean woman, Yuin, and a Japanese man, Tomo.

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The number of subscribers exceeded 1 million in 2022, the 3rd anniversary of the channel’s opening, and is currently recording 1.04 million subscribers.

They are loved for their natural and healthy couples, such as travel, mukbang, and daily life, rather than short-form or stimulating content.

Tomotomo is gaining unrivaled popularity among Korean-Japanese international couple YouTubers.

One of the reasons for their popularity is that the two live in Japan, so they can experience the local culture of Japan.

‘When we first parted, 24 hours vlog until we returned to Korea’, which was a sea of ​​tears, recorded 4.39 million views. .

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