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Many “post-90s” cadres have been investigated this year, many of them involved in huge sums of money_Sina News

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Original title: This year, many “post-90s” cadres have been investigated and many people involved in a huge amount of money

According to the China Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision News, in a judicial auction conducted by the Intermediate People’s Court of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province recently, a game card with a starting price of 80 yuan was fired to more than 87 million yuan. Although this sky-high auction was stopped due to “the auctions are seriously inconsistent with the actual bid, and there may be malicious speculation and bidding behavior”, Zhang Yujie, the original owner of the game card “post-95” cadre, has received widespread attention from the society. According to investigations, during his work in the Transaction Management Section of the Chuzhou Real Estate Registration Center, he embezzled nearly 70 million yuan in public funds by forging the facts of receipts and other methods to use it for spending splurge and paying for the purchase of a house.

The Zhang Yujie case is not alone. The reporter combed and found that many “post-90s” cadres have been investigated this year, and many of them became corrupt as soon as they set foot on the job, and the amount involved was huge. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection emphasized the importance of paying close attention to the violation of discipline and law by young cadres and strengthening the supervision of education management. What are the characteristics of young cadre corruption cases? What are the reasons for their sliding into corruption? The reporter interviewed relevant case-handling personnel and explored how to urge young cadres to buckle the first button in their lives.

  Buying game equipment, playing online gambling, and indulging in pleasure makes some young cadres more and more trapped

“Because of my insatiable greed and profligacy, my unit directly caused a deficit of nearly 8 million yuan and indirectly caused a sales loss of more than 13 million yuan. This is not allowed and should not be…” This is the Zhejiang Branch of China Railway Materials East China Group Co., Ltd. The confession of Luo Kaifeng, the former salesperson of the company.

“A few days before the incident, Luo Kaifeng was still entrusting people to purchase luxury goods.” According to the investigator, this young state-owned enterprise cadre has a strong vanity and pursues the ultimate personal enjoyment-indulging in mobile games, spending more than 400,000 yuan. Recharge and hire power leveling are only to achieve the so-called top level and to be a prestige in the virtual world; he loves luxury goods and is a frequent visitor to the local top shopping malls. He spends no less than seven or eight hundred thousand yuan.

What is the bottomless pit-like material desire to fill? After investigation, Luo Kaifeng used his position to facilitate the sale of railway construction materials, steel and cement, and took the payment for his own. Lost in hedonism, he desperately concealed the fact of taking bribes, thinking that he could conceal a day; on the other hand, he desperately squandered, lest he would never enjoy the extravagant happiness after the crime was committed. Corruption was 7.17 million yuan, bribes were 125,000 yuan, and office embezzlement was 520,000 yuan…Finally, Luo Kaifeng was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison for embezzlement, bribery, and office embezzlement.

By violating discipline and law to obtain huge profits to satisfy the individual’s luxury life, Luo Kaifeng’s case is typical. Young cadres were born and grew up in an era of relative abundance, and the temptations they faced were also more complicated. From online games to famous brands, if you lose your ideals and beliefs and lose yourself in material desires, you will be easily trapped by consumerism and fall into the vicious circle of vanity comparison.

“I’m purely to kill time, dozens of dollars are nothing.” The bet amount ranges from one or two yuan to three to five thousand or even tens of thousands of yuan. Li Xiaofei, the former cadre of the “post-90s” cadre of the Finance Unit of the Water Affairs Bureau of Nangong City, Hebei Province, is online The world of gambling is getting deeper and deeper. In April 2018, in the face of debt collection news, Li Xiaofei focused on the company’s public funds. He took advantage of the opportunity of the chief of the company’s absence and the deputy chief of maternity leave at home to remove more than 200,000 yuan from the company’s account. In the next 8 months, he embezzled and embezzled a total of 19,218,800 public funds.

“Many people imagine that as long as they win back, they can make up for embezzlement. As everyone knows, once public funds are used, they are already suspected of crimes, and gambling is a matter of losing ten or nine. In the end, they often turn from embezzlement to corruption. “The relevant person in charge of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, introduced to reporters.

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The purchase of 50 mobile phones within 6 years was a crazy move by Wan Zhen, the former accountant of the Ganyu District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province. He loves electronic products to the point of obsession, as long as the latest mobile phones and tablets are on the market, he will find ways to buy them. Wage income cannot afford the high expenses, Wan Zhen started online loans. From February 2014 to March 2020, Wanzhen used more than 20 online platforms to on-lending each other, with a record of more than 2,000 loans. In order to repay the online loan, he took advantage of his position and used methods such as forging accounting vouchers, repeating accounts, falsely setting out expenditures, etc., and obtained public funds totaling more than 400,000 yuan in 31 arbitrage and deception. When the reimbursement amount for the inflated bills was altered for the first time, he joined the unit for only 5 months.

“Many young cadres’ corruption issues are characterized by the intertwining of traditional and new types of corruption.” Mao Zhaohui, executive director of the Chinese Supervisory Society and director of the Center for Anti-Corruption and Integrity Policy of Renmin University of China, believes that young cadres can now use technological products and intelligence. Tools, etc., corruption cases occur from time to time due to addiction to online games, online rewards, and online gambling.

  Using digital payment, electronic financial management, etc., corruption is more secretive

“In half a year, the pension insurance premiums for the employees of corrupt institutions and institutions amounted to more than 600,000 yuan, involving 178 people in 27 institutions…” On May 18, the Social Security Center of Institutions and Institutions of Hualong District, Puyang City, Henan Province held a warning education meeting and notified The original cadre of the center, Mu Yulong, made a case of violation of the law and discipline of the “Li Gui” QR code.

In August 2016, 26-year-old Mu Yulong entered the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Hualong District. Mu Yulong, who came out of a rural family, was unwilling to lead a hard life. Under the influence of vanity, he stretched his hand to the old-age insurance premiums paid by the staff of the district agencies and institutions. In December 2019, he took advantage of his position to tamper with the personal Alipay QR code page name to “China Social Insurance Hualong District Institutions and Institutions Social Security Center”, and showed the QR code to those who came to pay the fee.

In this way, the old-age insurance premiums that should have been put into the public account have entered Mu Yulong’s personal pockets. Since then, he has successively collected more than 600,000 yuan of pension insurance premiums paid by government agencies and institutions in his jurisdiction through personal Alipay, WeChat accounts, and cash. Mu Yulong only turned over 8,000 yuan to the district social security center’s financial office for accounting, and the rest was used for personal consumption.

“The emergence of payment methods such as WeChat wallet, Alipay payment and digital currency has made corruption more convenient and more concealed. This also extends to new criminal methods such as forging bank deposits and reimbursement forms through computers, and embezzling public funds to purchase online wealth management products. “Fan Zhaocheng, deputy director of the Trial Office of the Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, told reporters.

Forging QR codes is only one of the new forms of corruption, and some people have used public funds to deposit privately and delay the receipt of accounts to play a “tightening trick.”

Zhu Ruifeng, the former accountant of Chunyuan Village, Yipeng Street, Qiantang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was responsible for the collection and payment of funds between the village and farmers, and he often had access to large amounts of cash. In January 2014, this “post-85s” young cadre focused his money on the villagers’ agricultural medical insurance funds collected on their behalf. Zhu Ruifeng transferred the villagers’ agricultural medical insurance payment of 340,000 yuan to his personal Yu’ebao to earn interest. When the agricultural medical insurance payment was paid in more than a month later, he had already earned more than 1,000 yuan in “extra money”.

After experiencing the sweetness, Zhu Ruifeng was out of control. He did not pay the rural medical insurance funds and land acquisition pension insurance funds into the village-to-public account according to the regulations. Instead, he repeatedly used mobile phone software to transfer funds through delayed entry and other methods. To his personal bank account. Since then, he has become addicted to stocks again, the funding gap is getting bigger and bigger, the public funds are moved more and more, the time is longer and longer, and he goes further and further on the road of crime. In March 2020, Zhu Ruifeng was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime of embezzling public funds and embezzling funds.

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It is worth noting that with the advancement of science and technology, the means and methods of “encirclement hunting” have become increasingly diverse, and many young cadres have lost ground in the face of new bribery methods such as WeChat red envelopes and payment of consumer money.

  Spiritual emptiness, lack of supervision, drifting with the crowd, and young cadres have multiple causes of corruption

Sorting out the cases of violations of discipline and law by young cadres reported in many places in recent years, from “post-80s” to “post-90s” and even “post-95s”, the case is shocking. Why do these young people with high academic qualifications, strong ability, and great potential, ruin their careers and fall into the abyss of illegal crimes?

“There is no pursuit of career and no pressure in life, which leads to Li Xiaofei’s lack of motivation to struggle, no clear spiritual sustenance, and no meaning of life.” This is the analysis of the reason for Li Xiaofei’s violation of discipline and law by the investigator, and it also reflects part of the reason for his good life. And the problems of young cadres who have lost their morale.

There are many reasons for the corruption of young cadres, and the most fundamental is the lack of ideals and beliefs. Party members and cadres in their twenties and thirties are at a critical period for the formation of outlook on life and values. Once the spiritual world is empty and party spirit education is lacking, they will be easily disturbed by bad habits. If you loose an inch in your thoughts, your actions will be a hundred feet away. Once the fig leaf of greed is torn apart, it is easy to slip further and further down the road of violation of discipline and law or even duty crime.

Most of the young cadres investigated and dealt with were concentrated in fund-intensive and power-concentrated jobs such as “managing money, projects, and approving”. Although they don’t have a high level, they have the convenience of directly handling specific matters because they are in frontline positions. Some of these young cadres took advantage of regulatory loopholes to take money that did not belong to them for themselves, and small mistakes gradually accumulated into big mistakes.

Mao Kai, former member of the Finance Department of the Real Estate Management Center of Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, took advantage of his position to write a cash check and withdraw cash from the bank without permission. He has embezzled 2,664,500 yuan of public funds from the economically affordable housing account of the Yuyao Real Estate Management Center 37 times, and used 2,364,200 yuan for illegal online gambling activities.

In 5 months, 37 embezzlements, why did Mao Kai frequently succeed? “Managing a special account for affordable housing is within the scope of my responsibility. The accounting and cashier of the special account are mine, and the cash checks, financial seals, and ciphers of the special account are all kept by me, so it is more convenient to embezzle.” The procedures are stipulated. After the financial seal is completed, the cheque must be checked by Mao Kai’s colleagues and stamped with the corporate seal of the unit. “They are all colleagues in a department. She trusts me more, so she will directly give me the corporate seal and let me stamp it. Sometimes when she is not there, I will use the corporate seal to stamp it myself, and even stamp several checks at once.”

What is more likely to make young cadres lose their resistance is the long-term infestation of unhealthy practices in the unit. A few leading cadres took the lead in violating disciplines and laws, and some newly recruited young cadres lacked experience and went with the crowd. Once you accept the influence of the bad environment, the wrong behavior norms are deeply ingrained in your heart, and it is difficult to correct them.

“It is the inner greed and the thought of’others can and I can’t’ that led to today’s ending.” Recalling the experience of accepting bribes, Song Xiaolin, the former general manager of Sichuan Guangan Xinhong Cultural Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd. said. It was the sweetness of 500 yuan that opened the first gap in the line of defense.

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Not long after being transferred to the Housing and Urban-rural Construction Bureau of Qianfeng District, Guang’an City, a project under the responsibility of the unit was about to be completed. Song Xiaolin and other colleagues came to the construction site to prepare for acceptance. At the end, the boss of the construction party quietly handed him a red envelope containing 500 yuan in cash. When he was about to refuse, Song Xiaolin found that his colleagues had accepted the same red envelope very naturally. “It’s a shame not to take the real money and silver in front of you. And if other colleagues took the red envelope, but I didn’t want it, it would appear out of place.” In the following years, Song Xiaolin thought, “Everyone takes it, I “Follow the idea of ​​accepting”. Anyone who participates in the acceptance of the project will not refuse the gift that comes from the initiative, and even look forward to getting more benefits from the boss through the project. Colleagues who have violated discipline and law have been severely dealt with by the organization, and Song Xiaolin is no exception. In September 2020, Song Xiaolin was “double-opened” and transferred to the judicial organs on suspicion of taking bribes.

  Educational supervision and management should run through the entire process of cadre training and help young cadres to buckle the first button

Nowadays, more and more young cadres are taking up leadership positions. Whether they can hold the “first button” of being honest and clean is directly related to the future of the party and the country. In addition to taking political standards as the primary prerequisite for selection and appointment, and strictly controlling politics, integrity, and quality and ability, the role of warning education should also be played to make young cadres aware of awe, fear, and bottom line.

The Yantai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision of Yantai City in Shandong Province conducted in-depth analysis, research and judgment on the violations of discipline and law by young cadres that have been investigated in recent years to clarify the underlying reasons. “There are loopholes in the management of relevant units and the lack of education and guidance is an important incentive for young cadres, especially young cadres in key positions, to violate disciplines and laws.” Accordingly, the Yantai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection urged all levels and departments to improve their rules and regulations. Kungfu, in-depth development of the work of promoting education with cases, and at the same time compiled and printed the “Warning Record of Typical Cases of Violation of Discipline and Law” and the production and broadcasting of the warning education film “The Lost Heart” to educate and guide young cadres to establish a correct world outlook, values ​​and outlook on life.

There is no age to punish corruption. Once the “red line” of disciplinary laws is touched, regardless of age, they must be investigated to the end and will never be tolerated. “In terms of the scope of supervision, we must overcome the misconception that corrupt elements are high-ranking leading cadres. We cannot relax the supervision of young cadres and their exercise of power because of their short entry time and relatively simple thinking.” Tianjin City Jizhou District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, together with the District Committee Organization Department and other departments, promptly improved the system of cadre talks, and required party organizations at all levels to strengthen strict management and love for young cadres, conduct regular talks, and accurately grasp their ideological trends and work conditions. And the “eight hours away” life situation, if signs or tendency problems are found, promptly remind, educate, and correct.

The spiritual power that has gone through a century can inspire and inspire young cadres even more. “This is the first lesson I took in my work and the first lesson of integrity education. Martyr Wang Hebo’s loyalty and daring to sacrifice his integrity in his revolutionary activities have inspired me to strengthen my ideals and beliefs and act loyally in my future work. The Commission for Discipline Inspection of Mawei District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province organized the newly recruited cadres to visit the former site of the Wang Hebo Martyrs’ Revolution-Chaojiang Building Clean Government Education Base, and encourage young cadres to start well in their jobs in the form of the first lesson on the job. Get started.

Source: China Discipline Inspection and Supervision Report

Editor in charge: Zhang Di


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