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Meral Akşener: Izmir is the city that said no to the occupation – Politics News

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Meral Akşener: Izmir is the city that said no to the occupation – Politics News

İYİ Party İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Prof. Dr. Ümit Özlaleof İzmir Introductory meeting where the projects prepared for İYİ Party Chairman Meral AkşenerIt was held in Izmir Economics Congress Building with the participation of . İYİ Party Group Deputy Chairman and İzmir Deputy Müsavat Dervişoğlu, İYİ Party İzmir Deputy Hüsmen Kırkpınar, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Ümit Özlale, İYİ Party İzmir Provincial Chairman Ülkü Doğan, İYİ Party provincial and district executives and many party members attended the program.


Speaking at the meeting, Akşener said, “I have listened to so many things about Atatürk’s family that I cannot tolerate any of the ugliness spoken about our mother Zübeyde during this period, I swore at times and called her dishonorable. I was taken to court, but I wish Turkey would be shaken. She did not, my brothers. Everyone is happy with the system between these fists. Izmir is the city of Ataturk and Zübeyde Hanım. Izmir is the city that fired the first bullet. When the first bullet is fired, our Ataturk comes to Izmir, the tire breaks down, he gets out of the car, a peasant couple is driving. Ataturk lights his cigarette. He goes to the villager and says, ‘A Greek entered Izmir, a patriot shot him, and he was martyred. You are plowing the field here, what are you thinking?’ The farmer said, ‘Sir, my brother and my son are martyrs. So many women, so many children. “The oxen are looking at me,” he said. Tears flow from Atatürk’s eyes; the person to whom he tells this is Afet İnan. That villager later fell a martyr, Atatürk said.

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Akşener said, “Izmir is the city of Atatürk and mother Zübeyde. It is the city that said no to the occupation.”

“Today, those who are Atatürk’s heirs are saying ‘Dem’ because we cannot explain them correctly. Those who are Atatürk’s heirs cannot be broad-minded on some issues. On one side, there is this. On the other side, there are those who slander every aspect of Atatürk, starting from his mother. There are managers watching this. I cannot watch it. Everything happened to me because I could not watch it. I am willing to let it happen. You will make a decision today in Izmir. You will make a decision on March 31. This decision is a ‘No’ to those who say ‘Izmir is mine, brother, if I hang up my jacket, I will win.’ “Or you will say ‘Yes’ to our IYI Party Izmir candidate, Ümit Özlale, who can be considered as Atatürk’s grandson today and who you are sure will do whatever is necessary for his sake.”


Stating that Izmir was the city that fired the first shot and was the center of the economy, Akşener said, “The Economic Congress was held in Izmir. The people of Izmir have an obligation to protect a trust just for this. Have you ever seen Izmir mistreating people coming from various parts of Turkey?” “Because Izmir was Ataturk’s city. Now, what would have happened if Greeks, British and French people had shaken hands with them in Izmir in those years, saying they were here? What would have happened if our Ataturk had been included in the mandate or asylum system? Under those circumstances, the logical thing was to accept the mandate , we had nothing, but he went to the unknown. He went to Samsun, from there he went to Amasya, Erzurum, Sivas. He went from the farmers in Havza to the women in Erzurum. He believed that he would come out of that unknown successfully, because he trusted his nation and the foresight of his nation. The Turkish nation’s “The mission of the İYİ Party is not to accept the mandate, the mission of the İYİ Party is not to comply with the sentence that if you nominate a candidate, he will win. I have to say ‘get out of there’ to the mentality that has never seen you as a benefactor, according to one person you are the infidel Izmir, according to the other you are the obliged Izmir,” he said.


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Akşener, who also asked for support for her party’s Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Ümit Özlale, said, “You should know the difficulty, you should choose someone who knows the difficulty. İzmir has ‘Hope’. You are not obliged to anything to anyone. You are the boss. Municipal elections every 5 years.” This time, choose Ümit; if you don’t like him, if he makes a mistake, change him. If you are polarized by campaigns based on spirituality, you will think that you have won, but you will not have won. Go to the back streets. You will see how lack of service creates hatred towards people who are considered to be from Izmir and who consider themselves to be from Izmir. This “I want you to choose Ümit to prevent him from doing so,” he said.


İYİ Party İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor candidate Ümit Özlale, who came to the stage after Akşener, talked about the projects they will implement in the first 300 days if they win the election, accompanied by a video. In the program, Özlale and district candidates were called to the stage one by one and introduced.

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