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Microsoft Copilot for security arrives in Italy: here’s how it works

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Microsoft Copilot for security arrives in Italy: here’s how it works

A generative AI solution designed to help security and information technology professionals detect cyber threats more accurately and quickly: it is Microsoft Copilot for Securitynow also available in Italy, where it already has an audience of organizers of the caliber of From Nora, Fincantieri, Intesa Sanpaolo e Rina.

How does it work Microsoft Copilot for Security

Microsoft Copilot for Security combines OpenAI’s most advanced GPT-4 model with Microsoft-developed AI orchestration, the company says in a statement, and leverages its unique expertise in global threat intelligence and security products. Microsoft Security security. One of the main features is the fact that it is based on threat intelligence e large-scale dataamong which more than 78 trillion security alerts processed by Microsoft every day, combined with cutting-edge language models that offer personalized insights.

With these features, Microsoft Copilot for Security can help businesses manage threats and potential attacks, helping security analysts and IT professionals broaden their skills, collaborate more effectively, and have greater visibility into threats – all of which which translate into quicker responses.

Data, protection and artificial intelligence

“Globally, the cost of cybercrime is expected to exceed $8 trillion, making it the third largest and fastest growing economy in the world,” he explains. Tamara Zancan, director Cybersecurity, compliance and identity of Microsoft Italy – In this context of growing fragility, Microsoft’s efforts go in the direction of providing companies and their partners with integrated solutions that can increase their security posture, to more effectively cope with threats and increase business resilience afterwards to any attacks. Copilot for Security brings together three critical Microsoft advantages by combining large-scale threat data and intelligence, comprehensive end-to-end protection, andartificial intelligence responsible. We are excited to bring this solution to the Italian market to support client companies and partners on their path towards greater security.”

The first feedback from companies

To keep an eye on the effectiveness of the solution and the satisfaction it receives from Microsoft customers on a global scale carried out a study by interviewing security professionals. It emerged that the interviewees, on average, showed a speeding up of their activities (approximately 22%) and a 7% higher level of precision. In general, explains Microsoft, “93% of professionals who tested the use of Copilot for Security confirmed that they had support in improving the quality of their work and 97% of the sample said they wanted to use Copilot in the future to carry out the same activity”. Among the main advantages highlighted by the professionals interviewed in a second survey is the fact that Copilot for Security allows you to save over 60% of time on the most routine activities.

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The use cases in Italy

Among the companies that are experimenting with Copilot for security in Italy are De Nora, Fincantieri, Intesa and Rina.

Nora Industry

The multinational specialized in electrochemistry and sustainable technologies for Green Economy has undertaken, in collaboration with the supplier for the Security operation center activities, to identify the best integration of the solution to facilitate operational activities, highlighting the useful use cases to make the most of the capacity offered by AI for Security Operations, to optimize the procedures and efficiency of security alert management, investigations, compliance verification and incident response management.


The group used Copilot for Security to help respond to the increasing complexity and frequency with which cyber attacks are conducted against companies of national and international strategic value, also in response to international groups organized, and sometimes sponsored, by hostile governments. The solution was also useful for adapting in real time to the European and national regulatory context, which requires continuous adaptation of corporate governance to implement new security standards.

Intesa Sanpaolo

Il Intesa Sanpaolo Group has taken a proactive approach to strengthening its Global Security Defense Center, Microsoft explains, based on the ability to promptly identify complex threats through the implementation of dynamic correlation and analysis models. In this way it is organized to obtain accelerated access to crucial information, increase the productivity of security operators and improve the ability to quickly identify and mitigate previously unknown threats.


The multinational inspection, certification and engineering consultancy company uses Copilot for Security to simplify the analysis and management of cyber threats, thanks to the reduction of intervention times in the event of incidents, preventing or minimizing the loss of sensitive information and, at the same time, suggesting the best actions to take to improve cybersecurity.

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