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Monster Hunter Now, date and details for the first season: The Spring Intruder

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Monster Hunter Now, date and details for the first season: The Spring Intruder

Niantic has announced the start date of the first season of Monster Hunter Now, The Spring Intruder: here’s what will change with the new update.

Niantic announced date and details for the first season Of Monster Hunter Now: entitled The Spring Intruder, it will begin on March 14th at 1.00 am Italian time and will introduce many new monsters, improved gameplay, new options for avatar customization and more.

Capable of quickly racking up 10 million downloads on iOS and Android, Monster Hunter Now therefore renews its experience with a set of epic hunts, creatures that will appear more frequently, new celebratory missions and objectives to achieve throughout the season.

The Spring Intruder will also see the arrival of a new weapon, the Charged Bladeequipped with two different modes: it can be wielded as a fast sword or as a devastating axe, accumulating energy in the first form and then releasing it through devastating attacks.

The other news of the first season

Three new large monsters will be added to the new season: Odogaron, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and Deviljho. To unlock them, hunters will need to complete the corresponding urgent missions that will be available in Season 1. These monsters will appear on the field after finishing the prologue. The Deviljho will be able to invade the territory thanks to a new feature called “Invasions”.

With the new update, hunters will have to be careful an unexpected danger: the Deviljho, a ferocious and hungry monster that can invade any habitat. Hunters will only be able to encounter the Deviljho in particular situations: when they venture into unstable territory, where they can find large monsters in environments different from the usual ones, such as the forest, the desert or the swamps.

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Niantic has launched the new “gear style” feature for Monster Hunter Now, which allows you to change only the visual appearance of your gear. The style has no effect on the characteristics of the armor, so you can customize your avatar without compromising performance. Creating your own look will be even more fun!

It didn’t end here

A fight sequence from Monster Hunter Now

The Monster Hunter World update will introduce a new reward system based on seasons, similar to that of Pokémon GO. Hunters will be able to face new monsters and quests, earning level points and bonuses.

The season pass will offer a free and a premium plan, with different rewards to redeem. Additionally, the update will add the Bleeding status, a new Hunter alteration caused by the Odogaron, which requires you to avoid attacks and dodge to heal.

Finally, Season 1 will include new skills and equipment like Latent Strength, Quick Work, and Status Sneak Attack, and will increase the maximum number of sets from five to ten.

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