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Murder in Cassino, a man arrested – Lazio

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Murder in Cassino, a man arrested – Lazio

Stopped in the night by the police on the outskirts of the city

(ANSA) – CASSINO (FROSINONE), MAY 29 – During the night, investigators from the Cassino police station and the Frosinone flying squad arrested a person accused of being the murderer of Yirelis Pena Santana, the 34-year-old Dominican woman killed with a dozen stab wounds on Saturday morning in the apartment where he had lived for about three weeks on the second floor of via Pascoli 104 in Cassino.

The arrested is a middle-aged man, owner of a small agricultural enterprise, residing on the outskirts of Cassino: the men of Dr. Flavio Genovesi and Dr. Silvana Maffei blocked him in his home which is located in the locality of San Lorenzo, a short from the barracks of the 80th Regiment of the Italian Army.

Throughout the evening, State Police personnel combed the land close to the house, looking for the murder weapon; they suspect she was buried in the fields.

Already on Sunday afternoon the investigations had taken a precise lead, thanks to a trace left by the murderer at the scene of the crime. (HANDLE).

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